Golden Eyes

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Heather waited for Inuyasha to arrive at her apartment. They had a big date tonight and she was to meet his brother’s wife. She was really nervous since this determined if she was going to be part of the family even though Sesshoumaru had given his blessing. If Mirage didn’t like her she was not going to have an easy time adjusting to the family. Apparantly this brother of Inuyasha’s was so in love with his wife that if anyone even said anything negative about Mirage he would most likely rip their tongue out of their mouth and Inuyasha felt the same way about this woman. She was very special to the Tashios and very pregnant.

Inuyasha called Heather to find out if she was ready to go.

“Hey babe, I have the reservations set are you ready to go? My brother and sister in law are on their way already so we will have to hurry.”

Heather was so dang nervous, maybe this whole thing was not a good idea.

“Yes, been ready for the last hour. Are you sure that this is a good idea? I mean maybe we should get to know one another longer and stuff. You know stay engaged for a while…..”

Inuyasha smiled.

“Don’t be so nervous sweetheart. You will be fine. Mirage is funny as hell and she will love ya. I am just glad that you get to finally meet her. She has been so ill that we didn’t think she would ever get out of bed. She is really looking forward to this night so don’t stress, she really wants to meet you.’
“I will be there in about ten minutes.”

With that Inuyasha hung up and Heather looked in the mirror with the glasses for the thirtieth time. The dang things were addicting, but she wouldn’t be wearing them all night. Inuyasha was right; they would not be good to wear all day since they caused headaches.

The light green sparkled dress with the matching shoes was elegant. Her hair was up in a bun with a few tendrils flowing about her face in soft curls. Still she felt self conscious since this was the first time in years she really looked at herself in a mirror wondering if she was ok. Being blind all her life it was so strange to look at the stranger in the mirror and believe that was herself.

“Ok girl, you are going to do alright. No worries.”

Heather tried to convince herself. She didn’t like the freckles that graced her cheeks lightly nor the ones on her shoulders although quite sparse for a natural redhead. Perhaps dark green would have been better since she was so pale, but it was too late to change.

The doorbell rang and Heather answered. It was Inuyasha dressed to the nines looking hotter than any man should be allowed. His white suit with the gold silk dress shirt and white tie made him look like a wealthy Prince Charming rather than the bad boy brat that she had imagined that had captured her heart when he came into the room wearing the leathers she smelled and touched.

“Wow, you look beautiful…..”

Inuyasha stated as he lifted a cocky lip to smirk not caring that he was doing a once over on her since he had enjoyed what was under that dress more than once. Hell, the woman should be a model she was so gorgeous, especially tonight. Putting an arm around her waist he felt himself strut a bit as he helped her out to the car.

“You look good too….except you know it.”

Heather stated trying not to laugh at her fiancé. He was such a show off.

“Well, now that I have the hottest woman in town in my life I think I have a right to be a little cocky and egotistical. I want to show you off babe.”

Giving Heather a kiss on the cheek he opened the door for her and rushed to the other side of the car. If Mirage didn’t like his woman he was going to shoot himself because he was indeed going to mate Heather no matter what. He was completely in love with the woman.

Heather slipped into the dodge viper red convertible as Inuyasha put the top up knowing how women were about their hair getting mussed up.

“Don’t worry, I won’t speed this time. The place we are going to is just around the corner. Mirage was craving steak and ice cream. We have to have both, so it ain’t as fancy as we planned, but it is still nice. We all are going to go dancing afterwards depending on how she is feeling. She doesn’t even look pregnant. Sometimes I really hate my brother since once you see her you will know why I adore her so much. I swear if anyone else mated Sesshoumaru I probably would kill myself.”

When they reached the restaurant Inuyasha once again opened the door for his fiancé and then she realized they were at a Denny’s. It was the last place she thought they would go and she felt they were overdressed.

“Um, I thought we were going someplace classy…..not that this is bad….it is just we are a bit…..”

Inuyasha waved it off.

“Like I said we are going dancing and who gives a damn what anyone thinks? It is what Mirage wanted and Sesshoumaru was just as frustrated as you are, but he refuses to leave the house underdressed. Casual to my brother is like a plague of herpes. He will be changing his tune soon as his pup is born.”

Inuyasha opened the door for his fiancé and was led to a table where their family was sitting. Kagome was smiling while Sesshoumaru held Mirage on his lap. Mirage was apparently grounded from chocolate since she snuck a Twix bar into the house and although she didn’t become ill from it she was banned from chocolate so she insisted on ice cream.

“But Sesshoumaru I didn’t get ill and I have eaten chocolate for years. Why can’t I have the brownie? I don’t really want anything else…..well except a medium rare steak….nothing else, just ice cream and steak. I wonder what they taste like together……steak flavored ice cream. It would go over well with our family; we should tell Ben and Jerry to make it.”

Heather looked at the beautiful blonde woman on top of Sesshoumaru’s lap. She was stunning and now Heather felt even more self conscious.

“Hey, guys…glad you both got here ok.”

Kouga stated with his arm around Kagome. Heather smiled at them and was suddenly attacked by Mirage who hugged her.

“You are going to be my sister. I am so glad. We needed a red head in the family. You are beautiful and I love your dress. Where did ya get it from?”

Heather felt her stomach flutter and smiled tempted to kiss the other female, but knowing her preferences she kept herself in check.

“I actually bought it from DEBBS.”

Mirage smiled and looked at the glasses.

“Can I see your eyes? I have this eye thing and I am just wondering if your eyes match your dress.”


Heather took off the glasses.

Mirage smiled wide.

“Wow, you have gorgeous eyes. Doesn’t she have the coolest eyes guys? Did you know the eyes are the mirror to one’s soul? It is true.’
“Come on, you can sit in my seat since I am grounded to my mates lap. I want to get to know you. How did you and Inuyasha meet? You gotta spill. I met Sesshoumaru through demon trickery and you have to be careful because these guys are sneaky bastards.”

Inuyasha shrugged and was led over to sit with Mirage and Sesshoumaru.

Miroku finally showed up and zapped Mirage who zapped him back.

“Hey bitch, what’s up.”

Mirage stated as Miroku feigned being insulted.

“I am not…….you man whore…..”

Mirage got up and hugged Miroku and Sango. Sesshoumaru smiled at his silly wife.

“You act like you haven’t seen them in ages Mirage.”

Inuyasha stated with a smirk.

“Well ears, I have been worshiping the porcelain god for the last few weeks and I know it misses me too, but you don’t see me hugging it anymore. I would rather hug something warm and less smelly. I mean you all stink, but I love ya anyway.”

Miroku laughed as did the rest of the family. Heather at that moment fell in love with the feisty silly little blond.

“So how did you meet my ears?”

Heather explained how they ran into each other literally and how Inuyasha had not only donated money, but time to her cause. Soon they fell in love and he asked her to marry him a month later.

“I know it sounds fast, but I have only been engaged once before and the guy was a jerk. He thought because I was blind that it was ok for him to cheat on me behind my back. Soon I became bisexual finding women to be much more understanding and sincere. I love men, don’t get me wrong, but women understand women. Inuyasha is the first patient loving man I have met in a long time.”

Mirage smiled and leaned into Sesshoumaru.

“See that is so romantic. I was coerced, but I got to rip my husband’s clothing off of him and use him for his hot bod so we made things work out.”

Mirage explained to Heather all about her meeting the Tashios and Sesshoumaru groaned inwardly, but on the outside did not show one sign of discomfort as he held his silly wife.

“Well it seems to have worked out for you both.”

Heather stated as she could see the love in Mirage’s eyes as she looked at Sesshoumaru who kissed her deeply.

“Yes, it did. I love him so much. I love all of my family and I am glad you are going to marry Inuyasha although you know you will have to share him. Just with the other mates though so don’t worry. He doesn’t cheat or nothing.’
“Sesshoumaru and I are going to be one with each other for a few years. I don’t date women, but I am not against people doing what they do since attraction is different for everyone. I have experimented and didn’t care for it. I love all people though so don’t you worry. I won’t judge you ever since who am I to judge anyone? I am against prejudice people and totally against racism. Bastards who think that way should be shot.”

Heather smiled and laughed.

“Too bad, because you are my type.”

Mirage smiled back.

“Thanks for the compliment. I am sure though Sango and Kagome will be more than happy to accommodate you since they both swing that way. I am strictly dickly. I love men. I usually rarely get along with women, but family is different and I have some female friends. Like Miroku here…..”

Miroku bust up laughing.

“You tease; I am all woman not just a female.”

Miroku stated as he did an all that with a snap move.

“Yes he is my whore, but you know how it is being a man Sesshoumaru. Having to deal with a winey bitch all day long, having to work to pay for all the damn shoes they buy, and I bet you are pregnant too with my love child.”

Sango smacked Miroku playing along.

“You were not going to tell me?”

Miroku fluttered his eyelashes.

“I am fertile…..”

Heather laughed. These guys were funny. Being a part of the family was fun.

“Enough you two, it is time to order dinner.”

Sesshoumaru stated firmly as he kissed his wife’s cheek.

“Ok, Garson…..I want steak ala mode.”

The waiter smiled and shook his head at the woman.

“No dude, she is serious and pregnant. Steak with ice cream on top.”

The waiter shrugged at the strange order. Then the rest of the table ordered and Mirage asked for a bib plus crayons since she wanted to color the kid’s menu.

Of course it was given and the bib was put in her purse for when their pup was born. Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes at his wife since she had been collecting all sorts of things after she became pregnant starting up scrapbooking.

“It will go in the baby scrapbook.”

Inuyasha tried to feel for his brother, but fact was he was glad Sesshoumaru was the one dealing with such a silly woman. He felt a bit jealous in fact as did Kouga. Kagome, Sango, and Heather would never be as fun as Mirage.

“So you teach the blind for a living Heather?”

Sesshoumaru asked softly. Mirage was busy drawing so he could relax a bit for the moment.

“Yes. I do and it is a great passion. I was born blind so Inuyasha’s gift of these glasses gives me hope for others to see again, especially little ones.”

Sesshoumaru smiled.

“Did Inuyasha also explain that we are demons?”

Heather laughed until Sesshoumaru’s eyes went red and then back to gold again.

“He did, but I didn’t believe it…….”

Heather stated as her hand shook. Maybe these glasses were not such a blessing.

“I tried to tell you……”

Inuyasha stated as Heather took off the glasses.

“So are you a demon too Mirage?”

Mirage smiled as she continued to draw.

“Well we all are except for you, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango. Inuyasha is a full demon now, but he was a half demon. You are all half demons, although it is cool. Miroku and I are celestials. It is hard to explain. We are all part something in the world, not fully human although we are taught to be. You will understand a lot more when you mate Inuyasha. I hope Sesshoumaru being a tyrant scaring you didn’t change your mind about being with us. He really is a big softy and tastes yummy. I mean you are Inuyasha’s other half. It would be unfortunate to lose you.”

Heather swallowed hard.

“What if I don’t want to be a demon?”

Inuyasha sat back and waited for Mirage to perform a miracle. He didn’t want to force Heather, but once his brother revealed his true nature it was either join the pack or die.

“You can’t help it, it is who you are. It is like you being born blind. You can’t change it no more than Inuyasha can change what happened to him. He was raped, blinded by an evil person, and his eyes will never see again without help. This family takes care of each other.’
“We are not that different and are they not beautiful? Do you stop loving someone because they are different Heather? Inuyasha didn’t lie to you; you just didn’t want to believe the truth. That isn’t his fault.’
“A long time ago Sesshoumaru lost his arm. Did it make him less of a man or less of a demon? No it did not. You accept the cards you are dealt with in life and you deal with them according to the game that we all live since we are but pawns in a world that is still not fully understood even by the smartest of us all.’
“You have to decide if you want a normal boring life or if you want a challenge. Do you not wish to take risks? If you don’t then you should just stay home, lock the door, and never leave. You might as well die if you don’t take chances.”

Heather thought about this and for someone so silly Mirage was right. No matter what she loved Inuyasha. He was what she had wanted for years.

“Ok then.”

Mirage smiled and patted Heather’s hand.

“Good girl. Now help me draw.”

Heather smiled and took the red crayon helping Mirage with her ‘artwork’.

“This is nothing in comparison to the art I know you can do my dearest. I know that this is just to pass the time and will go into the scrap book. I should have bought you a bigger purse.”

Sesshoumaru stated softly.

Mirage finished and then their food came.

“It is ok; I will just put this folded nicely into my purse. It will fit. I will put down my new sister helped me with it.”

Heather smiled widely and Inuyasha kissed her hand. He was glad everything was going well and that Heather was still going to be his.

As dinner went on, Mirage could only eat half her steak and ice cream. Then she had to go to the bathroom and came out with Sango rubbing her back.

“I don’t know if our pup is getting any of that food with the way you are going on dear.”

Sesshoumaru stated worried about his little wife.

“Oh, I will be fine. I think that it was just the mixture didn’t go down right. No big whoop. Plus I want to go out tonight. Please…….”

Mirage gave Sesshoumaru puppy dog eyes and he couldn’t resist.

“Just don’t push too hard my love.”

Sesshoumaru paid for dinner and everyone left the restaurant. Mirage wanted a to go box, but ice cream steak wouldn’t stay good in the car.

Heather smiled at Inuyasha.

“Inuyasha, what would have happened if I didn’t want to go through with our vows?”

Inuyasha frowned.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I am just glad you finally understand.”

Heather frowned.

“Your brother would have killed me wouldn’t he have?”

Inuyasha growled.

“I said I don’t want to talk about it. Our family has to protect who we are. You should understand that now.’
“Still I would have mated you anyway without your consent to keep that from happening so it doesn’t matter.”

Heather was offended by that.

“Maybe I don’t want to mate you or marry you if that is the way things are. I should have a choice.”

Inuyasha stopped the car.

“Look Heather, I am not trying to be an asshole. I don’t want to force you. I was glad at your response and I only would force you if it came down to your safety. I love you very much, I don’t know why or how. I thought I was going to only be with Kagome for the rest of my life. I was happy with that idea for a long time since there are so few who understand me.’
“You changed my life. If you want out of this I can try to hide you, but he will find you eventually. Sesshoumaru gave us his blessing. He showed you a part of himself for your benefit and you have to understand a demon claims what is his. It isn’t a matter of diplomacy for me. I live in a hierarchy where my brother rules us all. He is the King of Demons. You are a half demon like I was. Eventually if you accept my blood you will become like me. Sango and Miroku will soon accept their full blood as demons although celestials will still override their demon blood. Don’t ask me too much about the intricacies because I don’t know them. My Fathers and Mothers do.’
“If you mate with me you will know things that no other will know. You will be a part of something greater then yourself. You will also be able to help millions of blind people with my help. I will give you my word on that. Just don’t fight with me. I don’t want to ruin a good night.”

Heather felt a little better.

“Just don’t growl at me ok? I am not used to this yet.”

Inuyasha patted her leg and smiled.

“I do love you Heather. Please know that I would rather cut out my own heart than hurt you.”

Heather leaned into the passionate kiss before Inuyasha started the engine and they drove off to meet up with the others.

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