Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Mirage woke up abruptly to a knocking on the door. Sesshoumaru was already up in a robe growling a bit at being disturbed. Opening the door Kagome and Sango were waiting outside. Sesshoumaru sighed and let them in.

"We are sorry to disturb you both, but everyone is starting to show up in the grand hall. If you wish to have them meet your mate Sesshoumaru we need to get her ready."

Sesshoumaru nodded to them both.

"Will you both give us a minute and then you may take Mirage to do as you will."

Sango and Kagome both smiled leaving the room. Mirage stretched like a cat on the bed looking sexy and adorable. Her hair was all messed up, but it was so damn cute.

"I look like a bad hair day."

Mirage stated grumpily as the fur blankets and satin sheets had no mercy as far as static went. Some of her long golden hair was sticking out all over the place. Sesshoumaru's of course was perfect and smooth like silk. Sesshoumaru started laughing. His mate was so cute and her pouting lips begged for more kisses.

"Come now, I will get you a robe and you can be tormented by the women so that you won't look like such a little wild thing although I love it. You look like you had a very good night with me."

Mirage pouted at him playing with his hair.

"How come you are not a static mess?"

Mirage grumbled. Sesshoumaru smiled.

"Our blanket is made up of my parent's and my fur. It doesn't affect me. The satin sometimes will, but it is rare. It has something to do with the fur being mine too. We will add yours later as you shed and then it won't be an issue."

Mirage nodded as Sesshoumaru placed the pretty white silk robe on her and kissed her cheek gently. Mirage then looking like a little kid that just stumbled out of bed walked over to the door grumbling about having to wake up in the first place as she was yanked by the two women with a yelp into the hall.

Sesshoumaru smiled then closed the door. He was now stuck wearing his old kimono and armor to this event as he looked at the ruined suit. The servants would take care of it later. It was just going to be strange to pretend to be human marrying Mirage in front of her family with this armor on. It was against all he believed in to wear such a thing that his Father gave him pretending to be a human when it made him proud to be a demon in this attire. Still he would adjust and adapt. He would do this for his mate and hoped his Father would understand.


Mirage was pulled by the two happily chattering women into a room where an old woman looked at her up and down as if trying to decide something.

"You are tall. I do not understand why a Lady of the Western lands would wish to wear a Prince's kimono, but we shall see what you will look like in this."

The old woman shrugged. She was just the tailor and was not about to argue with the Lady of the Castle. Bringing out the clothing Mirage smiled wide. It was so beautiful and silk. It was nothing like the costume she wore. It was real silk and so soft.

The elderly woman seemed fascinated by the under things that the two young demon women brought for Mirage. The old woman still wrapped her breasts and nether regions. These women brought what they called a bra and panties in white satin. Mirage looked at the panties and frowned. They were barely there. They were not going to be comfortable that was for certain, but they did go out of their way so she put them on feeling idiotic. Sango licked her lips as did Kagome. Mirage felt vulnerable and rather stupid since the two women were dressed so beautifully and she was standing there in nothing except these under things. The old woman shrugged her shoulders helping Mirage into the hakumas. The white silk flowing pants were so comfortable. The ties were done and then the white nagajŻban was put on. Mirage allowed them to help her with this whole outfit not sure of what to do yet. Then the elegant haori was placed upon her with the three women smiling so far. Then there was this thick armor that was placed over the top. Mirage expected it to be heavy, but it was not. It was interesting. It had pauldrins with spikes on each side in three rows. The breastplate was made of some interesting leather with two red tassels and spikes sticking out the front. It was form fitted to her as well with the armor maker's interesting imagination as Mirage blushed a bit at the anatomically correct shape of the front.

"My breasts are not shaped like this. That isn't funny."

Kagome and Sango laughed at this because they had not finished yet.

"Mirage you look beautiful, just have patience. We will show you."

Mirage pouted and then allowed them to place the bracers on her arms. She really liked them. That was so cool. They had the same type of armor as the breastplate except they were not leather. They were pure silver looking like scales.

Then the beautiful gold and blue obi was tied on. Kagome and Sango then took time combing Mirage's long golden hair. They put some kind of good smelling oil onto the brush to smooth her hair out making it shine. The women kept debating on braiding it, then pulling it up, and finally decided to leave it flowing down since it looked too beautiful just as it was. Still they put a small butterfly clip in the back only to have the tailor take it out. She shook her head no. Instead the tailor placed a tiara that had been the prior Queen's on Mirage's head. Mirage growled a bit feeling stupid. Here she was dressed all cool and they wanted her to have this Princess crap in her hair. The old woman smirked.

"The young Queen who was Lord Sesshoumaru's Mother was the same way my dear. You will get used to this. On occasion my Lady you will have to dress as a woman should. Still this does suit you quite well. Still there is something missing."

Kagome opened her purse handing Mirage some lip gloss. Mirage put this on since her lips were dry with a quick thanks feeling embarrassed. Kagome and Sango just kept staring at her like she grew three heads. Mirage was starting to feel like a real idiot. Maybe she should have just gone with the damn female kimono. Still this felt really cool and the silk hakumas were covered by the long cut pieces of the leather armor. It would keep people from seeing the completely inappropriate under things the women got her. Mirage felt so uncomfortable in them, but it was better than nothing.

Then the old tailor found something that seemed just right to finish this whole thing off after helping her into the tabi socks and then the strange leather boots that matched the leather breastplate. The hakumas were tied somehow inside the boots as not to drag on the floor since they were so very long. The tailor would take care of that later. Then the tailor pulled out two jeweled sai's attaching the frogs to the armor as they hung on each side of her.

After it was all done they dragged Mirage to the mirror. Mirage looked at the mirror frowning and the three women worried she hated it.

"That isn't me. That person looks too good to be me. I mean I did not have fricking magenta eyeliner on, my damn eyelashes are almost black, and the only makeup I am wearing is that lip gloss you gave me Kagome. I had the markings on my neck and on my forehead, but I don't recognize this person. You put a spell on this mirror didn't you?"

Mirage stated pointing a finger at Kagome growling as the three laughed at her. Sango turned Mirage around making her look at herself.

"You look beautiful Mirage. Sesshoumaru is going to be having to fight men off all night and us women."

With that Sango gave Mirage a kiss on the cheek. Mirage kissed her back on the lips then Kagome not wanting to look at the image anymore. Mirage then hugged the tailor who was in shock.

"Thank you. You made me feel beautiful."

Tears graced Mirage's cheeks and she angrily wiped them away. Inuyasha burst into the room as he had Kouga in a headlock. They had been arguing again. They both stopped though when they saw Mirage.


Kouga stated as his eyes were bugging out of his head. Inuyasha stopped too. Letting go of Kouga's head Miroku bound in almost knocking them both over laughing his ass off until he looked up at Mirage. His heart stopped for a moment or at least he thought it did.

"You are beautiful."

Miroku whispered out. Mirage with a wicked glint in her eyes zapped him with one of her lights. He did not get that look out of his eyes though. Dang it where was the damn pervert buddy she was used to?

"Mirage zapping me won't change it. You are beautiful. Ladies, you are all stunning. I have to go change."

With that Miroku raced out of the tailor's room like his ass was on fire. Kouga and Inuyasha looked at their cloths running to do the same. Inuyasha raced back into the room grabbing Mirage and planting a kiss on her lips before racing back out the door almost running into the wall even with his virtual glasses on. Kagome and Sango started laughing as did the tailor. Mirage shook her head.

"Idiots are blind I swear it and the one that is should know better. Oh well.........."

Mirage muttered under her breath. Looking over at the women Sango smiled widely.

"Are you ready to go see your Sesshoumaru now?"

Mirage shrugged not sure what else to do.

"You both look so pretty. I shouldn't have ruined my dress. I love this, don't get me wrong, but I am going to be so out of place."

Mirage groaned as Sango smiled.

"Kagome and I are going to wear our old fashioned kimonos tonight. We sent out the word and everyone is excited about this. They are all pulling out their kimonos."

Kagome smiled brightly as both she and Sango wrapped their arm around Mirages pulling her through the halls.

"My family and yours will be dressed up too. Your family at first did not know this was a traditional royal wedding. They are so excited and have missed you so much. Then you get to meet my family and friends. I can't wait."

Kagome stated with a big smile kissing Mirage's cheek. When they left Mirage in front of the door of her room both girls kissed Mirage on the lips.

"Don't worry about anything Mirage except having a good time tonight. This night is for you. You are the new Alpha Queen. Let people adore you and don't feel bad about it. We all went through this and we will be right by your side to help you."

Sango stated with a smile as they left. Mirage sighed softly then opened the door. She really hoped Sesshoumaru would like this.


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