Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Elizabeth Arianna Wolf was getting into her car when she was stopped by a handsome young human man with long braided black hair.

“Miss, excuse me, but you wouldn’t happen to be Elizabeth Wolf the geologist?”

Elizabeth was startled that he knew her.

“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

Bankotsu smiled. This one was quite a looker and she would be fun to carve up. Perhaps he would even lose his virginity with this one before she died in his arms.

“My name is Bankotsu Yammamoto. You see I have been searching for someone to tell me what this is since it came into my possession.”

Bankotsu handed the young demon woman the tainted imitation jewel shard. Of course none in this era would have seen such a gem for it didn’t exist except by the hands of Romulus who inherited his Father’s abilities.

“I am not sure. You can follow me back to the shop and……..”

That was all Elizabeth got out before a dart hit her in the neck and she fell into Bankotsu’s arms.

“You made that too easy Romulus.”

Romulus smiled.

“I am not one to waste time and unlike my Father I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. If one is to get things accomplished you can only count on yourself. After all, you hate me Bankotsu so you I don’t completely trust although you do good work.”

Romulus sniffed the girl and smiled.

“This one is a virgin. How rare in these times, but that won’t last. We shall use this one too only she has nothing except her life to lose so we will have to give her something.”

Bankotsu sighed.

“If you are going to claim that dead kid again……..”

Romulus shook his head no.

“I kidnapped her best friend. Of course I raped the girl. She will have my heir and then I will kill her. Perhaps I will do the same with this one……”

Bankotsu snarled.

“You promised me……”

Romulus smirked.

“I was only joking. You can have this creature. I have no interest in her. The pretty little thing I have back at the mansion will do. Little Bianca is a wolf demon with much more power than this tart. The white wolves are of no interest to me.”

Bankotsu looked at the young woman in his arms and frowned.

“An heir you say…….”

Bankotsu couldn’t bring back his band of seven. Jakotsu was buried under a mountain of rock. The others were of no real consequence since Jakotsu was truly the only one he could trust. Jakotsu was his best friend and he missed the weird man.

“What are you thinking little human?”

Romulus smiled realizing that Bankotsu might be a lot more fun to toy with if he did indeed take the little wolf and impregnate her. It would also get that bothersome problem of his out of the picture since no man in his right mind should remain a virgin as long as the boy did.


Bankotsu stated abruptly walking over to the black SUV and throwing Elizabeth in the back after tying her up. He couldn’t afford any ties to himself, but at the same time an heir would be loyal and would worship him following in his footsteps. It would almost be like having Jakotsu back.

“You miss your strange friends. Perhaps I can bring one of them back. I brought you back.”

Bankotsu already owed Romulus his life so he didn’t want any more from him and besides, last time he dealt with Naraku the bastard had lied to him. Why trust this guy who was just as bad if not worse than his Father?

“No…..besides, Inuyasha is my kill and Jakotsu wouldn’t want that. He had a thing for Inuyasha and wanted to cut him up like I want to do with this demon female. I just want Inuyasha dead. I don’t have time for games.”

With that being said the two drove off with Elizabeth in tow. Bankotsu however still thought about an heir. Perhaps since Sesshoumaru’s mate already had a pup he could do her rather than deal with a whimpering virgin, not that he wouldn’t indulge in her. Perhaps if he could get the sex thing out of the way then he could focus on other things. Stupid Romulus just had to rub that in and the last thing Bankotsu needed was the title of ‘poor virgin boy’ tattooed in his memories if he were to die again.


Sesshoumaru was furious with Inuyasha. The idiot deserved what bad came to him if he thought for one moment he would just revive that Heather bitch after what she did.

“What do you mean you don’t want to revive her? It wasn’t her fault.”

Inuyasha sputtered.

“I don’t care Inuyasha. Unless tensaiga pulses I am not doing it. I suggest you just bury her and think of her as a bad mistake. Feel pity if you must, but don’t expect me to.”

Sesshoumaru growled as they opened the door and were greeted by a look alike of Naraku except a shorter version.

The man bowed and bid the Lords to sit.

“Lord Sesshoumaru and Lord Inuyasha I am pleased you have come to see me. I know you both hate my Father, believe me the feeling is mutual and I can explain why if it will help you to trust me although I do not expect so much at this time. One may not be able to choose ones family, but it does not mean that you have reasons not to doubt my intentions.”

The voice was not like Naraku’s so at least that put the Inu’s at ease. He sounded too soft spoken and he carried no threat. They could smell that this man had no evil aura about him.

“You are Logan I presume.”

Sesshoumaru stated firmly.

“Yes. I am.”

Sesshoumaru wrinkled his nose at the smell of Naraku’s blood coming off of the young man.

“Why should we help you? I am presuming since Romulus is your elder brother you will want to keep him alive and therefore you are wasting your time with us since I will have him dead.”

Inuyasha stated eyeing the man with distrust.

“Indeed you have the same intentions for my older brother that both my sister and I do. He is a blot on the face of the earth that needed to be eradicated at birth. Perhaps we all should have been since my Father was a shame upon the earth and upon my family.’
“I did not ask to be born by his blood, but I will use it to try to make a new legacy for my family.”

The Tashio brothers sat and listened to Logan’s story. So far nothing surprised the two Inus since it was rather apparent that Naraku would rape someone and kill them to get what he wanted.

“Sounds like Naraku to me.”

Logan sighed.

“Well, fact is I am lucky to live and the same is true with Nadine. We were not born of evil alone since our Mothers were priestesses. Naraku had an obsession with this Kikyo woman and our Mothers looked like this woman.”

Inuyasha laughed.

“So he chose imitations since he couldn’t have the real thing since he already killed her.”

Logan smiled.

“Precisely. Apparently this Kikyo was a clay woman he coveted and at the same time he wanted your Kagome. He was going to take her, but she was too powerful for him. So therefore my Father decided to take weaker women in her place.’
“My Mother was a kind and good woman. I wish to avenge her death since it was my brother who murdered her on my Father’s orders. Naraku loved Romulus and he inherited all the evil from our terrible Father.’
“Nadine and I were raised by our Aunts who took over as mikos for the villages we lived in. We are all hanyous, but our family that we were raised by were human. Nadine and I have watched over our human family together for centuries.’
“However, Romulus destroyed most of that as well. He has been stalking our family and I do not have the power to stop him alone. Our Father insured we were weak enough to not defy him or our brother, yet my sister and I do. Together we are strong enough to fight Romulus, but now that she is captured by him I am afraid there is no stopping the evil he will do to not only my family and yours, but the rest of civilization. I do not wish for a repeat of what my Father had done to this world.”

Logan pulled out sutras and prayer beads.

“I have become a holy man although I am married with children of my own. All I am asking is to restore peace that you help me find my sister and destroy Romulus.”

With that Logan got on his knees in front of the two brothers.

“No, I am begging you to help. Please…..even if you don’t trust me….I will do anything to save Nadine. My life is in your hands. If you wish to destroy me too so be it, but have mercy on my family and Nadine. They have been through too much to bear more hate.”

Tears poured down the handsome man’s face as he thought about how Romulus destroyed their lives and how Nadine must be terrified being held captive by a brother who would torture her to death if she did not follow his ways.

Inuyasha felt for the guy, but at the same time he was Naraku’s kid. How was he to trust someone who was born of that manipulative bastard?

“We don’t do this for you or your family. We will kill Romulus, but know if either of you decide to follow in Naraku’s footsteps I will destroy you.”

Sesshoumaru stated with a snarl.

“I can lead you to his home. I doubt he will tell you where Nadine is even if you try to force him.”

Logan stated and Inuyasha snorted.

“Well duh……. I figured that much.”

With that said the three men left to be meet up with Kouga and Scales.

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