Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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In the middle of waiting for Mirage to come out of her room the three men received a phone call from the hospital. Kagome was going into labor so Inuyasha and Kouga both rushed out the door to meet up with the driver to take them to meet her. Kouga thought the timing could not get any worse. Sesshoumaru agreed since it would be easier to get Mirage to feel more comfortable around him with someone she knew to help her get to know Sesshoumaru better. Still there was no point in having his two mates around when he did not plan on courting Mirage with them there anyway. Kouga was just going to have to get over his obsession and accept that he as the Alpha had first rights since he verbally claimed this female. Kouga was not stupid enough to fight him over her, but if he wanted a fight Sesshoumaru would beat the hell out of his mate.

Mirage came out of the room in fifteen minutes which seemed like a miracle considering most women he knew took much longer and did not look half as beautiful as this woman did to him right now. He practically tripped over himself trying to move slightly to the left so he wouldn’t knock her over since he took up the space of the door trying to keep his mates out.

"Ok I am ready, where did Charlie and your brother go?"

Mirage stated as she looked around for them. She was wearing the deep blue dress that shimmered with sparkling material. It was past the knees, but cut just a little higher on the sides showing off her lovely legs as the high heeled strapped black sandals made them seem longer. Her hair was up in a haphazard bun, but it looked beautiful on her and made it seem touchable unlike the women who slicked their hair so tight that it looked painful. It was elegant and shined in the artificial lights of the room. It would probably be even more beautiful in the sunlight.

Since Mirage had very little makeup on to begin with and was not interested in impressing anyone she decided to just keep things as simple as possible. The little makeup she had on was applied nicely and Sesshoumaru noticed that she had added a bit of lip gloss to make her lips shiny. This just made Sesshoumaru want to kiss her now. Sesshoumaru for a moment was at a loss since she took his breath away.

Then he regained his composure when he noticed Mirage was not wearing any of the jewelry that had been specifically chosen just for her by Rin. Rin could be trouble, but she had excellent taste in jewelry and usually in clothing.

Before Mirage had awoken from his spell Sesshoumaru stayed by Mirage's door not letting either male near it as he had marked his territory with his scent flowing through the hallways. That was what brought Rin and Shippo out of their rooms. Shippo being a young male was not allowed to see the smell that he was panting over. In fact Shippo was forced by Inuyasha to leave the house to go run some errands with Rin.

Only Rin was allowed to go in before the kids left to go get the things Mirage and her son would need. After peaking in at what was to be her new Mom when Kouga and Inuyasha started their usual arguments Rin seemed pleased with her Father's choice and liked the woman’s scent. Then asked if the errands they were discussing had to do with this woman. Sesshoumaru told her yes and explained the color of her eyes so that they would know what she would need.

Rin was pretty good at finding the right colors, sizes, and styles of clothing that he would gift the females of their family as well as Rin's many friends. His daughter also knew that he would not want this woman wearing just anything. It had been the same for Rin and the other members of his family. Sesshoumaru did not tolerate sloppy clothing and things that did not look like his family belonged to him. His family had to fit his status in society. Sesshoumaru knew Rin was spoiled, but Sesshoumaru did not mind that at all. He had enough to spoil her and wished to do the same with his mate. Mirage smelled kind of like her and it was hard being the only Angel blood in the house surrounded by demons.

"You look beautiful."

Sesshoumaru stated then turned away embarrassed he just blurted that out. He was supposed to be professional with her. Sesshoumaru had to keep this charade up if he wanted to get anywhere with Mirage and get to know her.

"Thanks, but no need to compliment me. You look good too, but I am sure you are used to hearing that. I am not all fancied up, I did not want to waste time and this is a job to me. To be honest I don't understand why the military would allow me to dress like this even for a civilian gig, but I know they have a civilian clothing allowance for certain things. I feel like they want me to be an escort so I hope that is not the case otherwise I am calling this Admiral's office to tell him these orders are not right.’
“As mad as I am at Charlie, I am kind of happy to work with him again. I don’t have many friends. Charlie needs to stop flirting with me though Mr. Tashio. He is now my coworker again.'
"I read that I am supposed to assist with parties and do a lot of the things I may have done if I had remained at my job in the military. Create invitations and I am supposed to be a hostess to some of your events plus seating arrangements.’
“I will have to know more about your clients, the military people you are inviting, the internationals, and other things so that I do not mess this up."

Sesshoumaru frowned a bit since Mirage was good at her job and was talking to him like this was a job. Maybe this was not such a great idea, too late now though. Sesshoumaru tried to shrug it off. Things would change once he had her completely away from a place she could possibly run from him. Still this odd plan he came up with was a good way to get Kouga out of the picture for a while.

Fact was, Sesshoumaru loved Kouga no question, but this was the woman who would bear his future heirs they were fighting over. Sesshoumaru had a Kingdom he was running even if it seemed like he was some ordinary rich businessman. There was more at stake here then a broken heart that would mend itself. Sesshoumaru was done searching and tired of dating. It was time to settle down and do as Inuyasha had done for years.

"You will be fine. My brother and Charlie had to go to the hospital. My sister in law is in labor so we shall have new babies soon.'
"I will compliment you any time I like. I am still professional, but it would be a lie for me to tell you that you do not look beautiful to me. Still, I am confused. You did not put on the jewelry that was bought for you."

Mirage pouted and looked confused.

"I did not know whose jewels those were and I could not take such fine things to wear. What if I were to lose them? I don't have the money to replace them and I would feel so bad if........."

Sesshoumaru cut her off with a wave of his hand. It was another shock for him. No woman had refused jewelry from him. Mirage was unusual.

"Nonsense, it is yours, my daughter picked it out as well as your clothing. Your life has been disrupted by me and my family. I want you to have it and to turn it down would be a great insult to me. If you lose it then it is lost. It is not difficult for me to replace anything you may need."

Mirage still felt weird taking anything from this man she did not know. She did not want to owe anyone anything.

"You are not going to use all of this against me later are you? I mean I am not sleeping with you, Charlie, your brother, or anyone else for that matter. I am not going to do anything illegal and I am also not doing anything weird. I am here to work for you so there is no need to buy me gifts such as these. I will not insult you so I will wear them since you did go to all the trouble. It really was not necessary though since I am used to the military up heaving my whole life when I was in not that it was bad, things change. It is what we do and what they are good at."

Sesshoumaru smirked. She was quick and knew exactly what he as well as his mates were up to. Still, no he would not stoop so low to manipulate her like that. The orders were legitimate and all he stated was true. The military allowed him to take her as a personal assistant. He wanted her to have these things, but they were not tools to get her to do things for him.

Mirage would indeed be going to many social events and working with him in the office. Soon enough Mirage would know everything about them. It was only fair to start this out the right way. Courting could last for years, but Sesshoumaru did not want to waste time like that. He wanted to be mated to Mirage within six months at the most if not sooner.

"No. I do not have any underhanded intentions. I don't think my life mates would approve of such deception and I know I do not approve of such things."

Mirage had a blonde moment right then.

"Life mates?"

Then she blushed terribly as Sesshoumaru smiled. Then Mirage thought about it even more. Life mates, means plural, means more than one.

"I apologize for my assumptions. I hope to meet your significant others some day. I have heard of males having one life mate, but not more than that."

Sesshoumaru led Mirage to the vanity that stood in the center of her bedroom pulling out a silver necklace with a sapphire moon that matched her eyes. The diamonds were in a perfect circle with the small sapphire dangling in between. Then he pulled out the two matching earrings. He refused to let Mirage put them on as he wanted to touch her so he placed the necklace around her neck softly sliding his manicured clawed fingers over that mating spot causing a small scratch.

"Oh I am sorry; I did not intend to cut you. These daggers are a bothersome days."

Sesshoumaru stated. It was a little white lie as he turned licking the sweet blood off of his finger. Mirage bent her neck exposing it to his eyes as she inspected the small wound. Sesshoumaru ran his tongue over his fangs wanting so badly to bite her, rut her, and just make her his right then as he watched her slender fingers slide over her long pretty neck.

"It isn't bad. I'll live. I don't think I will need a bandaid for it."

Looking down Mirage grasped the earring he dropped clasping it to her ear and then got up. Sesshoumaru had not turned around yet. His blood was on fire and his eyes were glowing red. He was trying to get his damn blood under control.

"Are you ok?"

Mirage stated as she put a hand on his shoulder. The touch was calming and at the same time caused other parts of his body all sorts of hell.

"I will be fine. It is just a headache. Excuse me for a moment."

Sesshoumaru bit out as he left the room. Mirage just went over to get her purse and get ready to go. There was no point in dwelling on him. If he just had a headache he would take an aspirin and be ok. Besides if she bothered him then Sesshoumaru might feel crowded. Mirage did not want to make him even more uncomfortable around her. With him being gay it must be hard to have to put up with a woman when he could have a handsome man as his personal assistant. Then again maybe the sex thing would get in the way so this was easier for him.

To a man like Raiden image was important and maybe he did not want people to know his sexual preference especially working with military people who could sometimes be very prejudicial unfortunately.

Grabbing her notebook Mirage sat on the couch and waited for Sesshoumaru to come back into the room. When he did the man seemed emotionless and calm. He reached his hand out to her and tossed her notebook on the couch.

"You won't need that. Tonight is more of a family event. I wanted you to go with me since we will be meeting up with some high ranking people you will be working with later. It will also do well for you to get to know my family since they come and go so much from this place. Your son will be meeting up with us. My cousins have him at their place since your dog is with them. I thought perhaps for a day it might help him adjust to this change and Sango has a cat that from what I heard from the phone call Bobby really likes."

Sesshoumaru was pretty proud of himself. He had used an old spell on Bobby and the boy was no longer hostile. In fact much had been explained to him and once the boy knew what to expect he like his Mother was pretty calm. Still neither one of them knew the full intentions Sesshoumaru had for them. All they needed to know was that they were on orders to be here and the whole image of his demon self was forgotten for now. They would only have seen that as a bad dream.

Mirage pouted a bit as they made their way down to the limo and with a gentle clawed hand urged Mirage to enter the limo as the valet opened the door for them to enter the stretch hummer limousine that had a covered hot tub in the back. It looked like a rich playboy's mobile home on wheels.

Mirage sat across from Sesshoumaru looking at all the buttons and things with innocent wonder in her eyes. Sesshoumaru really liked this except for the fact unlike most females Mirage was not right next to him. Instead she sat properly across from him trying to adjust her skirt with her small hands clasping her purse that matched the dress she was wearing. She looked like a lost little girl in a big maze.

Sesshoumaru at that moment realized how innocent this woman was even for one who had been mated. There were so many emotions racing across her features and her aura amazed him. It was like Inuyasha's. Her aura was full of rainbow colors and golden sunshine. Sesshoumaru broke the silence knowing from the furrow on her brow she was worried about her son.

He could also tell by her tiny figure that she had lost a lot of weight and was dying. He would have to mate her soon to stop this so that the former mates mark would be completely removed.

"I would not leave your son in the wrong hands Mirage. I thought perhaps you being a single Mom could use the help and since we will be out often in the evenings for these events he will have someone to watch over him while you are gone. I will introduce you to them both; they have done this for many years watching even my daughter so I trust them with my life. I am sure after you get to know them you will feel the same way about them since we will be working together for a long time. I want you to be comfortable with me.'
"Also you have met my life mates, but I will explain all of that later. For tonight it will just be you and me for a while. I have much I would like to show you. Have you ever flown by private plane?"

Mirage felt the limo stop as she had watched out the window at the passing cars trying to pay attention to her surroundings. It was then she heard the question that Sesshoumaru inquired politely as Mirage took his arm as he helped her step out of the limousine.

Sesshoumaru was so tall that Mirage felt very small next to this man as she stepped down with him holding her arm in his tight enough that she could not pull her arm free, but it was not uncomfortable. There was no real reason to pull away since he was as far as she could tell not interested in hurting her.

"No I have not. That will be an adventure I believe."

Mirage smiled wide and Sesshoumaru's eyes changed a bit softening as he found his heart was beating a little faster than before. Such a lovely smile and that twinkle of mischief held promises for later if he could only convince her to mate him. Sesshoumaru did not want to have to force this beautiful little creature and knew if she refused there would be no other choice.

"Indeed it will be."

Sesshoumaru led Mirage into the hanger as they stepped into the jet black plane with a large red T on the side of the jet. The pilots and the flight attendants bowed. Speaking in perfect Japanese Sesshoumaru acknowledged them. All Mirage understood was the greeting and something about Mr. Tashio. That was it and then she noticed the pretty flight attendant give her a rather dirty look as the others bowed to her smiling politely.

The young pilot was blushing blatantly staring at Mirage and Sesshoumaru frowned growling low at him causing the young man to jump back to attention. Mirage looked up at Sesshoumaru who then looked down at her smiling as in perfect English a young male came out of the plane followed by a male flight attendant. The handsome blue eyed young man greeted her with a charming smile. He seemed rather wolfish.

"Nice to see you Uncle Tashio."

The young man stated. Sesshoumaru made an Hn sound nodding acknowledging the young man.

"Are you going to be accompanying us Lee?"

Sesshoumaru stated rather unhappy that Lee was here. That had to be Kouga's doing.

"No, Father sent me. I can see that I am not needed and he can suffer a bit. He can be very insensitive sometimes. Just came to check on my plane.’
“Heard about what happened to Uncle Ronin so I don't want any issues. I will have to congratulate him later. I hear all three babies were born healthy and I was to tell you that you are an Uncle to three little girls. Uncle Ronin is going to be tearing his hair out with all the boys vying for these three little beauties as well as my Father. I will be pleased to have three little sisters since I have already so many brothers."

Sesshoumaru felt his shoulders relax in relief and smiled. Lee was not like Kouga and would not play these stupid games.

"That is good news. Send my regards and so forth. Are you going to meet up with us later for dinner? We have a family meeting this week and tonight we are to have dinner with the whole family that had just arrived in Tokyo."

Lee groaned. His Father had warned him about that.

"Yes I will be there. We all have to be, just hope no one flakes’ considering Lacy is not going to be happy about having to take a few days off work for this reunion. My little brother still doesn’t understand he is a demon with responsibilities to family first. Still I can't say that we don't miss everyone. This is important enough so we will be there."

Sesshoumaru nodded. Then Lee whispered something into his Uncle's ear winked at Mirage with a big grin on his face and strode away letting his shoulder length black hair flow in the cool night breeze with Sesshoumaru clenching his fist growling a little bit trying not to blush at his nephew who was as big a pervert as his cousin Miroku.

"Raiden maybe I should not be going to this......."

Sesshoumaru came to his senses and smiled at Mirage. Her touch was starting to do things to him making his blood purr. It was calming and helped the demon to remain happy so it would not lose control. It was driving Sesshoumaru insane since he wanted to throttle Lee for suggesting he join them to get naked in the plane's hot tub since Lee had wanted him for years. Lee also wanted Mirage and the boy was not mated. This was going to be hell especially with a female like Mirage who he could not leave alone or some asshole would try to take her. She had to stay at his side. So on the plane ride some things he was not going to reveal until later had to be revealed now. This really was biting him in the ass. Running his fingers over his long hair in frustration he took Mirage's hand kissing it gently as he pulled her into the plane.

"You are going with me. It is something you must do and there will be no problems. I have a lot of explaining to do. This flight will be long so we shall have plenty of time for me to tell you all you want to know."

Mirage had no idea the trap she was walking into. There was no escape on a plane from a demon and it was going to be a three to four hour flight. Sesshoumaru no longer gave a shit about the consequences. His blood was screaming at him and Kouga had pissed him off sending Lee here. That was it and Kouga had lost. All bets were off. Kouga was not to interfere as promised so he broke it. The gloves were off and this was war. Kouga would lose this one.

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