Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Time indeed did pass faster than the mates believed it would. Kagome was mated to Kouga and Inuyasha. Their steamy night together had been something none of them forgot. Kagome was splayed out in white silks that the two men slowly clawed off and proceeded to devour her young body opening a new world to the nervous young woman into the carnal pleasures of sex.

Kouga waited while Inuyasha feasted upon Kagome’s virgin core while he allowed her to stroke him tentively licking the tip of his weeping cock that could not wait to be within those tight netherlips.

The two men agreed that Inuyasha would deflower her. It was fair and then Kouga could show her the pleasure of anal sex since it was the only way the two of them could properly share her at the same time. They just hoped she would enjoy it since some women did not.

Inuyasha gently pushed Kagome into a kneeling position to take her as a proper Inu male would. He recalled what Sesshoumaru told him as he bit his fingers and then played deep within that impossibly tight wet passage. Kagome writhed benieth him begging for him to continue. Inuyasha then pulled his fingers out and pushed himself in to the hilt completely sheathed within those tight walls. Kagome screamed in pain and then tears formed. Kouga kissed them away promising that the pain was temporary and indeed it had been as Inuyasha throbbed within making sure to bump against her g spot with the head of his cock as he slowly started thrusting.

Soon though, Kouga needed some action mounting Inuyasha while he took Kagome to get the edge off of his lust so that he could do this right. As he pounded into Inuyasha making Inuyasha even push further into his beloved female. Soon the two bit one another and Kagome was fully mated to Inuyasha. Then it was Kouga’s turn after Inuyasha released insuring he pupped his little Kagome. She would be filled with Kouga’s and his pups before the night was over.

Kouga took the place of Inuyasha and Inuyasha played with Kagome’s breasts taking a break from fucking to just enjoy watching the expressions on his two mate’s faces. Soon Kouga too had filled Kagome to the point that both of them had their seamen dripping out of her. It continued on all night until all three were fully bound to each other through the mating marks.

Sesshoumaru took a concubine to bed that night and many nights after that. He would share his bed with his male mates one at a time as the two men alternated six to one year intervals with their female in order to insure no hard feelings between the three males. However, this master plan would have flaws in the upcoming future.


The giant glass building was the center of all of Japan in what Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha called New Tokyo. This was the center of all of the main businesses that the two brothers were running. Things had changed much in the future. Once huge forests of trees became buildings and power became money rather then magic. Still Sesshoumaru ruled all even if most people did not know this fact. He and the others changed their names several times to fit in with the constant changing earth.

The place that once was their home was now called Tokyo to those who currently live on earth, but no human would have been alive had it not been for the well transporting many of them to the safety of this strange place called Earth that spins with a few lifeless planets in the Milky Way.

Now suddenly the world was filled with hanyous and humans. There were very little full demons left, but plenty of ignorant people who were hanyous believing they were human. People were living longer as far as they knew and of course the media kept bringing up ridiculous ways to live even longer to these creatures that had no clue that their long lives were due to their mixed blood.

It took Kagome and the others long enough to figure out that the Feudal Japan they had been living in was not a time warp, but a portal to another universe. An alternate earth. The real earth had been where Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha resided.

After Kagome thought about it there were no real demons living in her time and unfortunately the well was destroyed when bombs went off causing the world she lived in to blow up completely.

The world once filled with only human beings was gone forever. Other alien nations had traveled through this well and now they were mixing on this planet that the small pack of friends called home. Only a few who had lived long enough to witness the changes knew these things. After all, Kagome’s continued disruptions into the past if that had been the real case would have disrupted the whole space time continuum causing chaos of proportions that no one wished to consider.

The well's once bright aura dissipated and a new light source started to flow again. New beings started to come out of the well and eventually it was built over since Sesshoumaru felt he could not tolerate just allowing any species to wreck his lands.

The only reason Kagome knew that the place she once called home had been completely obliterated was the fact that the core of the earth had expanded turning what was once a planet full of life into a star hot as the sun. The news had warned of this and then it was done. The world of humans was gone and humans became a minority in this world of mixed creatures.

A scroll was found that Inu No Tashio had left. He had with the help of other powerful creatures created this whole wormhole. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha had no idea their Father was a science geek. The man was a genius. He brought humans to this Earth and other creatures. It had been a planet of demons only before this great man went exploring and conquered different worlds bringing back different species of beings to make the world of demons more interesting. Sesshoumaru had to laugh at this since it was sheer boredom that forced his Father to do such a crazy thing. Father was over 3000 years old before he died. He had way too much time on his hands and after reading some of the failed experiments Sesshoumaru started to laugh realizing his Father was actually very funny even for a genius.

Tashio towers were being run by Inuyasha while Tokyo towers were run by Kouga. There was an equal amount of power between the males to keep the peace.

Sesshoumaru being a multi billionaire was traveling a lot and had businesses set up all over the world. There was not a continent in the world that did not have several corporations that he himself had bought and created. Most had some of his family's name listed in the title and if not there was always some type of symbol that would represent his family. The last thing the demon Lord was worried about was money. In fact he was so loaded down with it that he was grateful that Miroku and Kouga were both math wizards. They became his financial advisors and Inuyasha had surprised Sesshoumaru by becoming quite the shrewd business tycoon himself.

Inuyasha was quite intelligent and it was unfortunate that he could not act so around Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha always seemed to come at odds even after all these years. So they split up for a time both needing a break from all the fighting.

Being mated for over a thousand years now to Kouga and Inuyasha things were becoming more complicated. Sesshoumaru was withdrawing from them all becoming cold again and tensaiga decided to reject him.

Sesshoumaru found after thirty more years of being away from his family that he was ready to try something new again so he started three more companies in America forcing his whole family to retire their positions to others to come to America to see what he was planning. The family was having problems and it was time to start finding a solution. They could not go on for years just splitting up every time something went wrong or someone did not agree. Inuyasha would not be happy since he had been teaching as a side job to the blind and found it to be very rewarding. Still it was time to try new things.

Pulling out his tenth cell phone that he had bought this week Sesshoumaru dialed Inuyasha's number. The phone rang twice as his brother picked up the phone with his usual tactless voice on the other end.

"What do you want Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru was trying to keep his temper from flaring.

"You know what I want."

Inuyasha groaned. He did not want to do this shit. It was 2 in the morning and he had been on a whole 3 hours sleep all week.

"I am fucking tired Sesshoumaru and your damn limo is already here? I am not even packed and I don't think I want to."

Sesshoumaru started pacing. He was not going through this shit again.

"You have things here. You don't need to pack. You just need to get your damn cloths on and get your ass to that limo."

Inuyasha grunted and Sesshoumaru could hear him putting his clothing on as he could hear the curses as well as the names he was being called by the very tired hanyou.

"Why the fuck does he do this to me all the damn time. It is not like I am asking for him to sell his house and move."

Sesshoumaru cursed under his breath. He was so tired of fighting with Inuyasha and of the name calling. He was trying to hold his demon at bay, but it was very hard.

"Ok I am fucking dressed. Happy now? Tell Shippo that when I get there I am going to kick his ass. Kagome get up bitch!"

Sesshoumaru wanted to reach through the phone and strangle his brother. He was so crude with his mate no wonder Shippo was becoming a problem.

"Inuyasha you have no manners and you still do not treat your woman with respect. I should not have let you have my little girl."

Inuyasha growled over the phone.

"You are not unmating us for the billionth time! None of us you asshole. I can't believe you wanted to unmate Rin and Shippo! Then threatened to do that shit to me and you wonder why I don't want to talk to you. You piss me off Sesshoumaru! You are becoming that asshole that I hated before you grew a heart."

Sesshoumaru barked on his cell phone at his still very willful little brother and mate. Nothing had changed much with their arguing over the years and they both still fought on occasion leaving not only bruised bodies, but bruised pride.

"You wonder why we fight Inuyasha! You will stop your procrastinating this instant and you will quit referring to the past like we are still living in it!’
“Inuyasha you are coming to America this instant! You have no more excuses. Your children are grown up now and Kouga just arrived by plane three hours ago! I can at least count on him to be on time and to do what I tell him to so what the hell is with you!"

It was the same old excuses as always. Inuyasha hated leaving the place he thought of as home and did not like strange new places.

"Look will ya stop yelling at me! I am coming...I don't want to, but you are being such an asshole about this. We have all needed a break from each other and now you want us all to get together again? I mean hell why not just set us all up with babysitters since you keep us all on a short leash with this cell phone shit! Kagome will you hurry up! I don't want this asshole yelling at me anymore!"

Sesshoumaru was trying hard not to lose his temper as he winced at that loud voice hearing Kagome crying in the background. Inuyasha was going to get one hell of a beating when he got off that plane for that shit.

"Inuyasha do not piss me off any more as you have already brought me past the point I will teleport myself to your bedroom to insure you do not forget your place in this pack. You will get your ass on that plane now or I will come there to get you myself. Am I clear or do I need to come there? You remember what happened last time and I don't think you want me to embarrass your dumb ass like that again do you?"

Inuyasha moaned in frustration.

"Fine I will apologize to Kagome and I am getting on the plane now, but you are not allowed to talk to me until I get there. No phone calls. Just back off a bit until I arrive. Can you do that much?"

Sesshoumaru hung up knowing that was the best he would get from his mate. Kagome was going to be an emotional wreck when she arrived.

Sango and Miroku were already here on time as always. Shippo looked annoyed since he had to leave the rock band he started with his mate Rin hanging on his arm. Sesshoumaru had allowed the two to mate many years ago after Kohaku and Shippo fell in love. The two males fell over themselves for Rin and everyone agreed it would be good to keep the pack together. Still it had not worked out as planned and Sesshoumaru was at his wits end with the shit that had been happening with his family since everyone seemed to have gone insane while being away from each other.

Shippo's long red hair flowed around him as the black leather trench coat, black leather boots, ripped up blue jeans that were in style apparently, his sunglasses hung down on the tip of his nose showing off his glittering demon green eyes, and his red t shirt that hung over the black belt he was wearing haphazardly made him look like he was getting ready to turn into a vampire to suck the blood out of the whole city.

Sesshoumaru was too irritated with Inuyasha to bitch about that one, but what was really getting under his skin was that his once innocent beautiful pure Rin looking like a Goth queen from hell. Those two getting mated had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Rin was smacking her gum and finally Sesshoumaru lost it with them both.

"Shippo and Rin you will leave my presence. When I return you both better be dressed much more appropriately for tonight's dinner. I will not have you smacking your lips like that at me young lady unless you want me to play Daddy with you again today. I already embarrassed you in front of your friends so if you wish for me to continue then keep it up I will make sure this time you will not forget the lesson."

Sesshoumaru snarled as his eyes went red as he crushed his cell phone in his clawed fingers. Rin and Shippo knew better then to piss him off. Still it seemed Rin wanted to push her luck.

"Father I do not smack my........."

Sesshoumaru lost it and lifted Rin over his shoulder while she kicked screaming that he was being a tyrant. Looking at Shippo smirking at his willful mate’s predicament rather than doing what he was told Sesshoumaru decked the boy in the jaw dropping him on his ass.

"Go get dressed now. I did not teach either of you to act this way. I have no idea what the fuck has gotten into you both, but things will change!"

Shippo rubbed his jaw. That hurt like hell.

" did not have to hit me Uncle Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru returned that remark with a punch to the top of that willful head. Shippo whimpered and looked up at his Uncle with tears in his eyes.

Shippo, Kohaku, and Rin were still toddlers in the demon world. They had so much more training to go and Shippo was becoming a handful with his stupid pranks. Sesshoumaru had enough of it and was not going to tolerate this anymore.

"This should remind you not only of your place, but of the fact your Father is on his way here. I can let him discipline you or you can do what you are told. In fact he is going to when he gets here since he has had enough of your shit as well you brat. I know he has less patience then I do Shippo. You have both lived under Kagome's rules long enough. It is obvious children cannot care for themselves no matter what age they are.’
“Inuyasha raising you I can see it was a big mistake. I will not allow this behavior of yours to become even more of a problem so you will be under my roof, learning to become a man instead of a wild brat who thinks you can talk back to me. You will start behaving like you used to before you became hooligans or I will retrain you treating you like brat children again. I will spank both of you and embarrass you to no end in front of everyone if you keep this shit up."

With that Sesshoumaru stormed out of the room with Rin in tow. Shippo pouted on the floor and with no one to witness started to sob silently. He was really in for it this time and there was no turning back. Sesshoumaru had put his foot down and Shippo knew his parents were going to agree with the big jerk. He could not run away either since Sesshoumaru and his Father would hunt him down like last time.

Shippo was wearing the subjugation beads now that had been found and once had been his Fathers. Sesshoumaru had control over them so he was fucked.

With a slam of the door Rin was sobbing knowing her Father was going to lose it again. It had been so embarrassing to be thrust into the limo by her Father only to have him spank her the whole way home until she could not sit.

Sesshoumaru after getting the shaking children home had punched Shippo strait in the gut and then over the head knocking him out dragging him into the mansion with Rin sobbing softly behind them both.

Every one of their servants and guards had turned away not looking at them with some of the demon servants looking as angry with her as her Father had.

Jaken had died three years ago and now Sesshoumaru had others to train his daughter. Unfortunately he felt he would have to destroy them since they did not train her well enough since she was becoming a problem.

Sesshoumaru beat the hell out of the boy then threw him into their home as Shippo slammed against the wall. With that Sesshoumaru told Shippo to get up, dust himself off and that his Father was going to be called. That was enough to make Shippo hang his head in shame and shake even more in fear since Sesshoumaru's temper was nothing compared to what Inuyasha was going to do to him.

Rin along with Shippo were close to being arrested by the police when they had snuck into a rave party they had heard about and there happened to be drugs there. Neither of them knew it, but it was so exciting to be in some place so dangerous.

It was almost romantic as Shippo was so turned on by Rin's new Goth look and told her how bad he wanted her. Rin was so thrilled at the thought of him taking her in some place so forbidden.

At the rave party, Shippo in his wild lust had thrust Rin's lithe beautiful pale body against the fence lifting her skirt taking her hard in the back of the building as everyone danced not even paying attention to their wild love making as Rin panted with Shippo licking then biting her mating point. Shippo's red eyes were so damn intense and he was so beautiful that Rin felt for once completely free. Shippo was always wild and fun. He felt so good inside her and it took a while for them to come back to reality with him still cumming inside of her tight body.

Shippo was happy that Kohaku gave him the privilege of taking Rin's virginity and she still felt tight like the first time every time since her body healed as quickly as any demons. They both were too busy making out at the end of such wild sex to notice the police cars.

Thinking quickly, Shippo got their clothing pulled back together in time, but as they rushed out the fence they were caught. Both of them were now photographed by the media and put in cuffs until one of the cops recognized who's daughter Rin was calling her Father immediately as other police officers turned white trying to control the media that was surrounding the situation. Rin was not helping as she was only too happy to rebel against her Father after so many years of being trapped in his gilded prison since she was not allowed to go out for many years other than to train.

Sesshoumaru was always gone and Rin soon became a lonely depressed teenager. Shippo opened her to a whole new world of wild things and Rin wanted to experience it all. However, Rin knew that would not last. Sesshoumaru would stop them and things would be even worse when they got home. As far as she was concerned it was well worth it since she would cherish this one night with Shippo forever.

Sesshoumaru paid off the press to get the photos removed from humiliating his family and later tracked down the paparazzi killing the few who did not take his generous offer. No one was going to put such filth about his family on the news or in some tawdry magazine. He had worked too damn hard to keep his name clean and to keep the family safe from those who might find out the truth about them.

In his rage at Rin's unusual rebellious behavior Sesshoumaru forgot himself and that Rin was indeed female. It took all his strength not to kill her and Shippo. Throwing Rin into her room not caring that she hit the wall Sesshoumaru lifted the girl by her throat.

"Rin I have had it with you! I have been patient for over a year now with your constant willful disrespectful behavior. I have done nothing to you to make you act this way!’
“I accepted Shippo as your mate, but you did not act this way before. When your Aunt Kagome as well as the rest of our family gets here we are going to fix these problems once and for all. What did I ever do to you that you think you can talk back to me? When did I start to deserve being treated with so little respect?"

Rin was sobbing as Sesshoumaru dropped the girl realizing what he was doing to a female. Sesshoumaru had not ever struck a female without warning and was usually not willing to strike one at all unless he had no other choice. It was also so unlike him. He felt like his whole world was crumbling and that the universe was on his shoulders.

Trying to gently hush his daughter, Sesshoumaru then pulled Rin into his arms. He hated making her cry, but he was so damn tired of her disobedience. Rin made him feel so old and her changes into this teenage wild thing she was making him insane.

"I am a fucking weakling with you Rin. I don't want to strike you or hurt you. I did not intend to lose my temper with you like this. It makes me sick that you would act this way, you need a firm hand. You need a Mother and you need one soon."

Rin shook her head in fear. Sesshoumaru was talking about finding a female mate again or worse. Sesshoumaru would leave her with Aunt Sango and Uncle Miroku who would not let her do a damn thing. She would lose all her freedoms. Even being mated to Shippo did not change the fact that her Father had ultimate say so in what happened with them. It had been explained a long time ago. Those with powers such as theirs could not just go around without supervision. It was not a choice.

"I promise I will be good. I won't dress like this anymore and I will not misbehave. Just don't send me away again. Please......"

Sesshoumaru smiled and shook his head wiping away the tears.

"I am not going to send you away. Your mate is here and I know Kohaku won't stand for you leaving either.’
“Kohaku is at least responsible and dependable. You will be with him for a while until Shippo deals with his Father.’
“Kohaku is on a plane right now and he has missed you both very much. I cannot keep him or Inuyasha from beating the hell out of Shippo. You should not be put in such positions. This world may seem safe and fun Rin, but we are not normal creatures and if others found out about us we will be hunted down. Remember what happened to Ayame and Dakota?"

Rin's eyes went wide in fear. Ayame and Dakota were torn to pieces by demon haters. A priest found out what they were, purified them to death then cut them up. Sesshoumaru had taken care of the damage, but he could not resurrect another wolf. Tensaiga would not allow it and neither would his other powers.

"I understand Father, but we can't just hide forever and not live."

Rin stated firmly and looked away sadly. Sesshoumaru would not bend ever on this.

"I am not telling you that you will not have risks. You can go out and be a woman. I have not held you back from this, but you cannot do such dangerous things as you did tonight. You and Shippo are being reckless. It is not the same as just living a good normal life. You both seem to be searching for trouble on purpose and that brat mate of yours is not going to get you killed because he wants to act as stupid as his Father.’
“You will do as you are told and you will have Kohaku here. Doesn't that make you happy?"

Sesshoumaru stated as he leaned against the wall as Rin sat on the bed. She sighed a bit then pouted, but she loved Kohaku too. Kohaku was so handsome, but so serious all the time.

Kohaku was trying so hard to be just like Sesshoumaru and it was hard to be mated to a man who was so cold sometimes. When Shippo was with them things were exciting and even Kohaku would relax a bit. Kohaku had been away for so long going to do mercy work in the military and had joined up later with the American Red Cross to help the people in Africa who were dying. Kohaku was trying so hard to make up for his past even though everyone had told him a billion times that it was not his fault he was forced to do terrible things to people. Kohaku stated he remembered and still did them. Sesshoumaru even stated it was fear that caused him this. Kohaku just could not take the pressure and had to do something so he was always busy with his humanitarian causes.

"He makes me happy Father. I have no complaints; I just wish he was a bit less like you some days and a bit more adventurous since he is so serious all the time. I do not want to be mated to my Father you know."

Sesshoumaru smiled and understood.

"I was not always such a serious creature who is so boring to children. I was once just as rebellious as you both are and I have learned from it. Do you really want to have humiliating pictures of you either having sex on the internet or in magazines stating you are on drugs. They may accuse Shippo of raping you or other such nonsense. This world is judgmental and we cannot allow them to judge us. You are better than this."

Rin nodded knowing her Father was right as usual. It sucked, but she could not argue when what he stated was only to help her. Rin was not a baby, but the ancient demons that had raised her had shown her much of what could happen if she continued down the destructive paths she had been following.

Ayame and Dakota had been such a tragedy. They had all mourned their deaths and had only heard of the many times great grandchildren that the two had in the world. Even Kouga not being part of the pack any more had no idea how many true full demons there were left in the wolf packs. Sesshoumaru lost count and after a while did not care anymore as long as his family was safe.

Kouga knocked on the door wearing a nice pair of denim jeans and a completely unbuttoned green silk shirt. He had no shoes on, but he just got done two hours ago with being fucked by Sesshoumaru. Kouga was still giddy coming down from the high since it had been months since he had been with Sesshoumaru.

The three males were what these days they called life mates. It still worked and the title made sense since the three males did intend on being together no matter what forever although Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru had a falling out for a while now.

Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru had some serious fights and they had gotten bloody so both felt it was best to be apart for a while although Sesshoumaru had been more miserable in his life when Inuyasha had left than he had been when his girls mated and that had been traumatic for the elder demon.

Sesshoumaru was wearing a silky white business shirt with the top unbuttoned as he had thrown his tie off after beating the hell out of Shippo. There were a few bloodstains on the pristine pure white shirt that clung to his skin that was still slightly sweat soaked from the earlier activities of ravishing Kouga and also from beating the hell out of Shippo. The night was not even done yet and Sesshoumaru felt dirty all over wanting to take a long shower.

The slim black dress pants he seemed to like better then the casual clothing that his mates seemed to wear all the damn time were of the finest cut molded to fit him perfectly. Sesshoumaru felt like he was in his armor and kimono in this suit some days since it was uniform. All of his items were marked with the family crest and he carried a kerchief with his family symbol in his upper right hand pocket letting it poke out just a bit as the rich business men here in America seemed to do with their fine attire. It was noticed and he was treated with the respect he deserved with these independent American people seeing him as one would regard a movie star.

Sesshoumaru could not get the idea that a King could relax once in a while and that it was ok to dress down on occasion. Still he looked sexy as hell and Kouga had taken advantage of the beautiful man who still looked incredible as a pretend human since they used spells to play human. Sesshoumaru of course looked the same physically except no markings and jet black hair that hung loosely around him. His claws were perfectly manicured and he had to shave them down to fit in with the humans. On occasion he would cut his long hair short, sometimes leaving it silver, or have it short with the black locks perfectly places although a few stray hairs seemed to never mind him. The next day it would be long again so for a few months he had to keep cutting it the same so no one would get suspicious. Eventually though Sesshoumaru gave up allowing it to just be pulled behind him in a low pony tail or flow about him as it had always done.

Others seemed to see him as sexy when his short hair had been a mess, but Sesshoumaru found it annoying. It felt wrong and the wind would blow in his sensitive ears more than it would when he had it down in the usual style with it flowing gracefully behind him.

Sesshoumaru wore sunglasses a lot and disguising the gold in his eyes was difficult. It worked though for when he went into town and of course he dated on occasion.

His mates understood since he had to supposedly find a suitable female and so far all he had found was several headaches with his lovers waking up falling in love with him only to find he was disgusted with his choices since they were all insufferable snobs. Not one of them liked his Rin and the women were so judgmental. They were cruel to each other and so Sesshoumaru had pretty much given up for a while.

Also most of the women he dated didn’t want pups and Sesshoumaru wanted his own pups. That was something he fought with daily.

Kouga always had a few females vying for him, but Kouga liked playing the field and was in no hurry to find a female mate yet. He still had 200 years to go before he too would become a temperamental asshole and his blood would just pick for him. That was a fate no male wanted.

With his riches Sesshoumaru had several sets of Armani's finest business suits. To Sesshoumaru clothing was not just clothing, it was a sign of status and he did not want any of his family believing it was ok to just go around dressed as a slob when they had the means to look like they were his pack. If one was to be of his pack they were to dress appropriately.

Inuyasha and Kouga stated that Sesshoumaru’s opinion about clothing was just him being a snobby jerk, but Sesshoumaru still insisted so they all did their best to not show him the casual attire they had accumulated over the years that they would wear when he was not looking.

Sesshoumaru’s pack seemed to rebel no matter what since they could not handle being under a control freak too long. Sesshoumaru knew this and accepted it finding it was much more fun to allow his pack to think they were getting away with something then to let them know he was on to them. Sesshoumaru loved his pack, but he was damn lonely and sick of them always wanting to be so far away. Sesshoumaru had lived a long time without anyone around so now he wanted people close to him. He especially needed his mates right now.

Kouga was smirking wickedly as he had Shippo in a head lock giving the boy a noogie with the kid fighting the whole time. Kouga kicked Shippo in the shin getting a yelp as Rin looked horrified at her mate who was black and blue. Shippo had such a mouth on him like his Father. How many times though had he been warned not to mess with the elder demons? Even his powerful fox fire was nothing to them.

"Sorry to interrupt, but have a foul mouthed ingrate brat here who needs a shower. He tried to fox fire me when I commented that he looks like a B rated movie vampire. What is the deal with boys and white makeup? Are you ashamed of your own skin? Where is the bathroom since he won't tell me? I need soap for more than one part of this punk."

Sesshoumaru smirked. He missed Kouga. Kouga was as Inuyasha stated loyal, honorable, responsible, dependable, and funny as hell when he wanted to be.

"Two doors down on the right."

There was a lot of screaming and noise coming from the bathroom as well as a few fox fire spells being thrown out as blue flames came flying out of the bathroom. Sesshoumaru was just glad he had spells all over this place or it would have been completely destroyed with the demonic fights they would have some days.

Shippo did manage to singe the towels a bit though and for that he would suffer. Soon Kouga came out of the bathroom with a soak and wet fox demon who was fully dressed looking like a drowned rat with bubbles coming out of his mouth. Sesshoumaru could not help it. He started to laugh and that was when he heard the front door fly open.

"Fine Sesshoumaru we are here now you asshole. Where is my brat?"

Inuyasha thundered as his voice echoed through the room. Inuyasha stood elegantly in the other room now looking more like a Prince then the wild hanyou he had once been. Even in his insults Inuyasha did not have his normal childish ways about him. His voice was lower and his growl was much more like their Father's.

Sesshoumaru told Inuyasha the last time they were together that he was now just like Father almost in every way except his eyes. His voice was the same as Fathers and sometimes it unnerved Sesshoumaru since this was his younger brother.

"That was a quick flight."

Rin whispered under her breath. Sesshoumaru wanted to throttle Inuyasha. He teleported here damn him. He was not supposed to do that shit in these times. The plane ticket he bought was for them to fit in and Inuyasha was being just as bad as Shippo. Kagome even though she was still quite beautiful looked completely worn out and Rin rushed to her once again pregnant Aunt who looked like hell had frozen over. Her hair was uncombed and she was limping which was a sign that Inuyasha had not stopped rutting her for days now. He was such an insensitive asshole sometimes. Rin could not help giving Inuyasha a dirty look. She knew that mouth hurt her Aunts feeling sometimes, but she did not think he was this bad of a jerk.

Sesshoumaru saw the bruise to Kagome's cheek and his temper rose ten fold. Sesshoumaru with his mental powers made the front door close behind them then without turning around tried hard to contain the rage he had been harboring for a year now.

"All of you will leave my brother and me alone. We have some things to discuss in private…..’
“Rin take Kagome to the guest room and call the nurse. Let Kouga know she is here and have him meet me in this room immediately with Shippo."

Inuyasha was standing looking very handsome with his long silver hair tied in a low pony tail behind him. The dark silver business suit with the red silk shirt and silver tie made him look incredible. If Sesshoumaru was not so pissed off he would have told Inuyasha this too. The cane at his side was black with a perfectly cut large diamond from the adamant barrage he could cause with the tessaiga. That was part of what had made them the billionaires they were today.

Kouga had to admit since he had not seen Inuyasha in a long time that the man looked very cool and almost as beautiful as his brother. Sesshoumaru for a moment was shocked as his young brother stood so proudly and the only thing odd was those dog ears on top of his head that for now were not pinned down since he did not have to face the public.

The virtual reality glasses Sesshoumaru had his company make for Inuyasha looked like ray ban sunglasses. They by the miracle of technology helped Inuyasha see things digitally so he could see them even if sometimes there was a blurry moment when the digital beings moved too quickly. Without them he could see nothing, but with them it was like he had his sight back again. Inuyasha's other senses of course would take over in that instance and even Kouga could not beat him in a fight. Only Sesshoumaru could do that. Inuyasha was an incredible power.

Sesshoumaru's voice was calm, low, and a smile crept upon his lips. This was a smile that caused Inuyasha's blood to run cold. A smile that Inuyasha never wanted to see again in his life and had hoped would not ever grace Sesshoumaru's lips again for as long as he lived. There was a look in those golden eyes that meant either near death or extreme pain for Inuyasha.

"Hello beloved. It is time for a family meeting."

Sesshoumaru stated low and Rin rushed Kagome out of the room. She had seen that smile before and shuddered. Even Kouga and Shippo started to tremble. This was not good.

"Hi Sesshoumaru. I um can explain......."

Sesshoumaru cracked his knuckles then lifted his fingers as though inspecting his claws. He always did this when he was extremely pissed off. He stood looking bored, unemotional, and the true monster that Inuyasha feared more than any other.

Inuyasha wished he had not worn these blasted glasses right now because seeing Sesshoumaru again especially like this was not a good thing. He was in for a serious ass whooping and he had five seconds to figure out a place to run to before he was broken bleeding on the floor hopefully with most of his limbs still intact. Inuyasha rushed to the window, but Sesshoumaru was ten steps ahead of him lifting Inuyasha off the ground by his throat.

"I have missed you mate. Did you miss me?"

Sesshoumaru stated through gritted teeth as his eyes glowed red. Then Inuyasha felt Sesshoumaru's hand thrust right through his chest. He remembered that pain before except he knew this time he was not going to be close to death. No Sesshoumaru could rip off all his limbs and still put him back together to do it again. Sesshoumaru would not kill him, but he would cause him some serious pain. Inuyasha gritted his own teeth to bite back the pain and not scream.

"You did not catch a plane so you wasted my generosity in allowing you some time to cool down and instead you impatient asshole you teleported here knowing the consequences! Then you have the nerve to show up with my little girl Kagome looking like you beat the hell out of her and rutted her almost to death! You have been mistreating your female and you know how I feel about that!’
“You have not raised Shippo properly like you promised and Kagome is pregnant now for the three hundredth time with another set of triplets. You have no pride, no honor, and I am going to remind you of the past since you so like to bring such bullshit up!"

Inuyasha screamed this time as Sesshoumaru ripped off his left arm. Then the blind man was punched in the face then dropped to the floor with one last kick to break some of his ribs as he felt the horrible crunching sensation deep inside of his body.

"Go fetch Inuyasha. Then you can lick your blood off my floor."

Sesshoumaru stated as he threw the arm at Inuyasha who was grasping his bleeding arm screaming at Sesshoumaru in fury as he slowly and somehow elegantly got up from the floor. His eyes if they could be seen were blood red and his own anger had grown at his brother's misunderstanding of this whole situation. He would explain when Sesshoumaru was not being such a dickhead. In his anger though he accidentally dropped his arm holding the bleeding stump as Sesshoumaru tried to regain control before he really did some damage since ripping off the other arm was so tempting right now. It could wait for later when they were alone.

"You are a fucking asshole! What the fuck was that about!"

Sesshoumaru lowered his head for a minute then grabbed Shippo by his throat throwing him at his Father's feet.

"You will help your Father brat. Perhaps for once you can make yourself useful and then explain to him what you were doing at a rave party almost getting yourself as well as your mate arrested. Then when he is done with you I want to talk to you alone Inuyasha. There is no point in escaping this place since you are bound here like we all will be until I decide we are done."

Inuyasha growled as Shippo knelt before his Father handing the powerful demon his arm. Inuyasha roared as he placed his arm back into the socket feeling the healing powers work. The blood on the floor made one hell of a mess, but it seemed to be drawn to the body that it had been lost out of as it as usual started floating into the air and was sucked back into his body as though nothing happened. Shippo was healing already from the beating he received from both Kouga and Sesshoumaru.

"You are an embarrassment Shippo. I thought I could trust you to behave and you are going to lose more then you imagined. I am not going to beat you as I can see you have had both your Uncles beat the hell out of you which you deserve.’
“You will shower, wear something that is acceptable rather then this garbage I told you I did not ever want to see you wearing again, and if you shame our family like this ever again I will make what Sesshoumaru did to me seem like nothing when I am done with you.'
"Don't even think about bothering your Mother with this shit after what she has been through. We have bigger problems then all of us losing our tempers and I have some things we will have to explain to you.’
“I swear on your Father’s grave boy that if Kagome hears you whimper once I will break your legs in so many places it will take weeks for you to heal. Do you understand me? Anything you do that is even slightly out of line I will cause you more pain then you can imagine and I will let Sesshoumaru unmate you from both your mates. Are we clear as crystal?"

Inuyasha growled. He could not see, but years of learning to live without his vision had not changed his powers. In fact he was even more powerful than he had ever been in his life when he had sight.

Ever since Inuyasha had mated with Sesshoumaru things had changed. Shippo found Inuyasha to be even more terrifying then his brother when he lost his temper. Still the once hanyou man had been his Father when he did not have to be. Inuyasha was good to him for years and Shippo owed him a lot. Inuyasha had not beaten him for a long time after his change, it took more than just a small trick to anger him and Inuyasha became much more serious too.

There was no longer this big brother like personality that Shippo had known. So much had changed over so many years. Kouga and Sesshoumaru had also been a Father too him. To have Sesshoumaru be so very angry at him felt bad enough without adding Inuyasha's fury to this. Shippo whimpered and placed his head under Inuyasha’s fingers as a sign of asking for forgiveness as he stayed with his head down kneeling in front of his Father.

"I am sorry Father it will not happen again."

Inuyasha nodded and gently stroked the boy's hair. There was so many reasons he did not want to be here and there was something back home he had to take care of.

The fact Sesshoumaru accused him of beating Kagome that was just going too far. If the jerk wanted a fight he was going to get one. Sesshoumaru never listened to him anymore, had coddled him keeping him locked up in different locations instead of letting him have some damn freedom, and Inuyasha was sick of living like that. This time Sesshoumaru was going to hear him out even if he lost every damn body part to the fucker.

"Go to your Mother after you have changed. She does not need to see you or any of us looking like wild monsters that were not ever taught good manners. It is time for you to start behaving like a Prince too young man. I think you forget your place even more then I did when I was your age."

Inuyasha felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders as he watched Shippo rush out of the room in tears to go change. Kouga came out of Kagome's room looking furious as he marched over to Inuyasha who stood looking very old and very tired for some damn reason. Kouga suddenly stopped when he smelled something strange on Inuyasha's clothing.

"What the fuck is that smell Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha did not look up, but still answered as Sesshoumaru made his way into the room getting ready to tell Kouga to leave so he could finish what he started after seeing the gashes on Kagome's legs. Her arm was cut and she had passed out cold before anyone could ask what the hell happened.

"It was a bomb ok. I got me and Kagome out. The fucking plane exploded and I could not save anyone else. It was set up to kill us. By the same asshole that killed Ayame and Dakota. We are being tracked, hunted down. They are just too stupid to realize that Sesshoumaru and I have power enough to kill them as well as sense them. Problem is Kagome is pretty bad off. The shrapnel hit her a few times no matter how hard I tried to shield her from it."

Inuyasha turned around and Kouga winced seeing that his back was burnt pretty badly and there was some metal stuck in him that Kouga gently pulled out.

"Fuck you are a mess."

Sesshoumaru slumped to the floor feeling like a royal ass.

"I am sorry Inuyasha I did not know."

Sesshoumaru whispered. Inuyasha was past reasoning and his anger was now taking over every ounce of his body as he roared at his brother. Sesshoumaru saw the tears under those glasses of Inuyasha's and wanted to crawl under a rock. Sesshoumaru knew that he was losing control of his temper much more lately for no good reason and taking his anger out on his pack was not acceptable.

"I know you did not and you won't listen when I tell you shit anymore. I tried to warn you and that is why I did not want to come here. You don't think I miss you? That I just disappeared because I stopped loving you?’
“We have been sending out our people to go and search for whoever these jerks are for weeks. We have been getting threatening letters, phone calls, and Kagome is a wreck since they have been attacking her over the phone when I am not home. They hacked into the internet. I can't leave Kagome alone and we have moved five times now.'
"Kagome is almost due with our pups. She has been being a bitch fighting with me saying she thinks that she can be alone which you both know is bullshit. Kagome is a damsel in distress all the damn time."

Sesshoumaru ran his fingers through his hair nodding knowing this was true and Kouga rubbed the back of his neck trying to work out the tension. Someone was going to die soon; it was just a matter of finding the bastard. Sesshoumaru pursed his lips looking at the floor as he was trying to come up with a plan of attack. Kouga just nodded to Inuyasha and had that look in his eyes that Inuyasha did not have to see to know what he wanted to do to whoever hurt his mates. Kouga would not stop until he found the bastards and Sesshoumaru was just as bad. Inuyasha was the worst of them all and he knew he was in deep shit for not telling them before now.

"How come you hid this from me Inuyasha?"

Sesshoumaru whispered out angrily.

"Our phones were being bugged, we were tracked. I did not want you to call. I tried to use that mind power thing you tried to teach me, but I still can't get that fucking power to work. You and Kouga can do that any time. I am fucked stuck with this technology to try to keep in touch with you two jerks."

Sesshoumaru huffed and held his head. This was a pain in the ass.

"That is why I did not want you to go so damn far from me Inuyasha. I would not have to assume things if you were close by and I would not have accused you of beating Kagome except you were being an asshole to her over the phone. You are not kind to your little fragile female and you know that pisses me off."

Inuyasha took Kouga's hand as he pulled his tired mate down to sit on the floor as Kouga cut the burnt clothing off of Inuyasha's body with his claws. Sesshoumaru got up finally and sat behind Inuyasha helping Kouga out as Inuyasha winced

"We had been up all night fighting Sesshoumaru. We were still fighting before you called about her insistence she can be alone. Kagome did not want to come because she was afraid for our babies, which is my fault. I don't have your damn control in that area. She is always fertile damn it, if you would ever get yourselves females the both of you then maybe she would quit going into heat so much since Kagome's little body thinks that as the only female she has to be with pup all the damn time.’
“I know this is a fucking mess, but Sesshoumaru you have not chosen a female in all these years."

Sesshoumaru cut his wrist pouring his blood on the wounds after they got all the clothing off of Inuyasha making him lay down on his stomach. The blood seemed to sooth the heat and pain of the burns. The back of Inuyasha's legs, his beautiful back, and his behind were all burnt terribly. It was going to take at least two weeks for this to heal.

Kouga did the same dripping his blood until he could not do so any more licking his wrist to close the wound and then groggily got up to get the first aid kit to help wrap the wounds. Sesshoumaru licked his wrist closed, but was able to get up much more gracefully since the blood loss did not really bother him. The power was being replaced with the help of the jewel and his Mother's medallion. Still when he went to go reach the healing sword it zapped his hand.

"Fucking piece of junk!"

Sesshoumaru growled at the tensaiga that zapped him again as though it were alive and insulted by his remark.

"It still rejects you huh."

Kouga stated as Sesshoumaru went to get some ice and Kouga started wrapping the wounds on Inuyasha's back.

"Yes, the bloody thing has an attitude with me lately."

Sesshoumaru grumbled. Inuyasha was too damn tired and in too much pain to make a comeback like he normally would. He did not want to joke or laugh. He just wanted rest and to be angry. Someone tried to kill him and Kagome. They had to pay so he had to heal which meant rest even if he just wanted to get up and go kill whoever did this.

Inuyasha had been trained well and would not waste his training by going to attack a foe in his wounded state. So instead he would bitch at his mates since they both deserved some hell after bringing him here.

"Kouga and you are such picky assholes Sesshoumaru. If you don't want me to keep breeding Inu's then do something about it. I have grandkids now and half of them keep breeding with the damn humans. It is like they are obsessed with hanyous and humans. You give me shit about it all the time, but fact is you are no help.’
“I have my heir I am dealing with and Shippo is being a pain in the ass. He was supposed to come here to train with you and I don't let him get away with shit at home. Maybe it is my fault he went crazy, but we both try to control our kids so much. We rule with an iron fist including at home. I don't want to beat him anymore.’
“These damn glasses you gave me are both a curse and a blessing. I saw that look in his face that shamed defeated look. Before he left we had a fight. If we had died…… I don't want that to be our last memories Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru stopped wrapping Inuyasha's leg and felt a single tear fall from his eye. Then continued wrapping ignoring the other tears that fell at the fact he had come so damn close to losing Inuyasha this day. If that had been their last words to each other.... That stupid fight............ It would be like Father. It would be another regret Sesshoumaru did not want to have on his conscious.

"I know that feeling as you well know Inuyasha."

Inuyasha's hand wrapped in Sesshoumaru's as he felt those icy tears fall on his skin. He knew those tears personally and even Kouga could not help a few of his own from showing since this was his mate that had been injured so badly. His female they shared could have died to. They would have lost so much and it was a miracle that they had not. Inuyasha felt his own tears and changed the subject quickly. Everything was getting too emotional again.

"My ass is tired and I know Kouga's is too Sesshoumaru. You two have been fucking each other since our encounter in the cave for years and are still not satisfied which is why you both have been such fucking assholes. It is getting worse.’
“I mean look at you Sesshoumaru. You can't touch tensaiga and I smell you went off on Rin. You have not ever done that before. You don't listen to anyone anymore. It is like you are reverting back to the demon and you know your damn blood is going to just pick some random bitch at some point. Then what? We all have to live with someone you hate with you miserable forever? No thanks. You have both got to stop this shit.'
"I have been busy trying to take care of these fuckers who are after us. Kouga can at least take Kagome once in a while which is why he is not as bad. He shares Kagome with me and we like the relationship as it is.’
“Eventually though, Kouga still has to pick his female though. You did the damn spell so it is your fault Sesshoumaru. Don't get on my ass about things being fucked up when you are the one losing your temper around everyone.'
"Rin is afraid of you lately and of course the kids are going to rebel. You and I have been keeping them caged in. You can’t keep people caged in forever. That is why I left.’
“We have things we have to do so we don't have time to waste on this shit any more. As protectors of our pack we have to go out and kill the assholes causing us hell then you both have to go find your females before I lose my mind. I can't live with this anymore. I want you to unmate me to you both if you can't make a decision on a female and soon."

Sesshoumaru sighed as he ran his fingers over Inuyasha's hair.

"How can I want a damn female when I have the two of you? I love you both so much. I know I have to do this, but it is not that easy Inuyasha. You cannot unmate me, I will die without you. I have missed you so very much. I have wanted to touch you and now you are here. I have not touched you in so many years it seems like and I felt so dead. Now you are wounded and I feel I failed you."

Inuyasha nodded. He did understand.

"You did not fail me. You can't control everything even if you are very close to doing so. It is not natural. We will find these pricks and you will find your female. Kouga has time, you do not. So we will do this business idea of yours here in America and see if there are females her you can stand since you think all the other places we have gone to have no female worthy of more than bedding you. They are all too docile, petite, and fragile for your liking. You want a mean twisted Amazon woman from the pits of hell instead I think."

Sesshoumaru smirked.

"You can't be a female Inuyasha so that would be impossible."

Kouga could not help laughing at that as Sesshoumaru and Kouga carefully helped Inuyasha up from the floor taking him to the bedroom where the demon nurses finished with Kagome only to look in shock at the burns on Inuyasha.

"You young males are so mean to each other sometimes."

Growled the old demon healer, who was standing over Inuyasha protectively looking rather matronly at the two ‘young’ demon men.

"We did not do this. These two wounded pack members were attacked and several people were killed in by the bomb meant to kill my mate who was traveling with our little Kagome."

Sesshoumaru stated firmly as the old healer's eyes welled up in tears. Then she cooed over the young demon man as Inuyasha turned several shades of red with Kouga smirking a bit even though he was beyond laughing since he felt his heart ache that someone would want to hurt the people he loved so much. Sesshoumaru felt the same way.

"How is Kagome doing?"

The nurse, who was rewrapping the wounds properly and placing ice packs on the burnt skin as Inuyasha winced a bit trying not to cry out, answered.

"The children are due any day and her wounds are healing very well. This boy must have taken most of the damage since those cuts and gashes will be only bruises by morning light. This large burn on his back will take longer my Lord. We will need more of your blood. It is too bad your healing sword will not accept you. This one really could use that power.’
“This wound will sting for at least three days straight since his poor innards were cooked. His skin will take a good week. There will be a need for as much demon blood as we can get if he is to heal faster. Your daughter's Angel blood will also assist. No one is to give up all of it, but I shall drain some of my own for the boy. Your servants should be willing as well so I will let Edward know. You trust that one to be your butler, but I still say he is crafty."

Sesshoumaru nodded and thanked the nurse as she left to go let his staff know what was expected. Sesshoumaru sat on the edge of the bed.

"Kouga I will need sustenance for the night and lots of water. Can you let my staff know this?"

Kouga nodded as Sesshoumaru pulled the wolf into a loving kiss then allowed Kouga to go. Sesshoumaru wanted a little time alone with Inuyasha. Placing his wrist in front of his mate he sliced the skin a bit to let Inuyasha drink as Inuyasha took it knowing better then to argue.

"I love you so much Inuyasha. You know I would die for you. I am not letting you go so far anymore you know this."

Inuyasha drank all he could then lick his mate's wound closed.

"I love you too and I have missed you. In fact I don't want to be so far away from you. I just am tired of fighting with you and Kagome. I don't want to fight any more. I want to kill the person or persons who did this then find peace with all of us. Just don’t stifle me so much. I need some freedom too. I am not that helpless."

Sesshoumaru knelt down taking off his mate's glasses wanting to see those beautiful eyes. Then Sesshoumaru pulled that face close kissing his mate tenderly as he ran his fingers over Inuyasha's still very young demon face. To Sesshoumaru there was none as beautiful and no one he loved more.

"I am sorry. I don't want you to unmate with me. I will do anything just don't leave me again little one. I love you so much."

Sesshoumaru whispered softly as tears fell down his cheeks. Demons did not cry, but lately it seemed that was all he could do. Sesshoumaru did not show it around everyone else, but his heart was dying. Any time Inuyasha was far away he felt like his whole world was ending. He became bitter and angry.

Inuyasha moved his sore body not caring about the pain wanting to wrap his arms around Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru stopped him though seeing the pain and not wanting to cause anything to hurt his love again.

"I love you more than my life Sesshoumaru. I won't leave you again. Just hold my hand and I will try to rest. Things will get better. I have a good feeling about this place. America is weird compared to what we are used to brother, but the people here are friendly. There are so many different people here and so many more races of them then in our country. I am just glad we both learned so many languages over the years. Do you think they will let me teach blind people here? I would like that. I swear too that after this is healed I want to do something for burn victims. Kagome is making me into a do gooder."

Sesshoumaru smiled and nuzzled Inuyasha taking in that wonderful scent.

"I think that you are using Kagome as an excuse. You are a good man Inuyasha and you make me want to be a better one. So we shall see what we can do.’
“I am sure they would be happy to have you teach here and I think I want to try some of these do good things too. It is against our nature, but I believe there are plenty of people even here that need to die. We will find these foes that harmed our family and somehow in this place I will try to find a female that you both can live with.’
“Kouga is a male slut when it comes to females, but he does usually have good taste. So you both can help me start these companies here and maybe between the three of us we can find someone who will tolerate us males who wish to cage our family to keep them safe."

Inuyasha smirked and started to laugh only to cough up a bit of blood. Sesshoumaru knew that was part of the healing since his organs were burnt up. He would have to get a basin soon. Getting up he rushed out to the nurse who was already heading up to the room with a basin.

"We will need that now."

Sesshoumaru stated as he allowed the nurse to go in before him with Kouga following behind.

"Indeed, but I think it is a bit late. One of you will have to get the servants to come clean the mess. Poor pup. Now leave us, it is going to be a few hours of this mess before he can see you both again."

Inuyasha looked imploringly around with a look on his face Sesshoumaru knew was Inuyasha's way of begging him not to leave him alone, but this was not something he could handle. The dog demon in him would not care this was his mate since the strong smell of dead organs and blood would make him go into a blood frenzy. He and Kouga had to go kill something. Shippo came out of Rin's room in tears after finding out the news.


Sesshoumaru stated as the pup rushed into Sesshoumaru's arms crying. His Mother and Father were badly wounded almost dying. Shippo was wearing a nice t shirt now and jeans. His long red hair was combed and he looked like a normal kid instead of a hooligan.

Sesshoumaru held the pup and then told Shippo the plan. Shippo needed the kill as much as the other two demons. Miroku and Sango had woken up worried as well. They were all in the mood to destroy something.

"Well kid, since you are the criminal mind in this family who is always in trouble where is the worst part of town in this place?"

Kouga teased Shippo since this was only the kids third day in America and like Kouga was when he was younger Shippo had to explore this place thoroughly to get his bearings plus mark his territories. Shippo smirked. This was indeed his area.

"I ain't a criminal, but I do know where some hang out."

The wicked look in Shippo's eyes shocked Sango, but the men knew this look. It was the hunter and they were all killers. Demons hunted and had always been predators. Shippo being a fox was still a canine and they all wanted fresh meat. The more evil the bastard was the better they tasted.

"Let’s hunt, just don't forget to bring something back for Mom and Dad. Rin being an Angel still eats like a human. It is so disgusting so I don't watch. So it is a good time to get going."

Shippo loved Rin more than anyone, but the eating of certain human foods since Sesshoumaru had mated his Father had now started to gross him out.

In fact on occasion, like other demons, the Tashio demons ate what some thought to be humans. These creatures playing human were other demons or hanyous. Innocents were forgotten, but evil doers were fair game. Even a few humans would get caught up in the feeding frenzy, but none of them had the desire to actually eat a human although Kouga had at one point. They were too dirty.

In the hunt everything depended on the prey and how hungry they were. They still could hunt wild game as they had done in the past, but demon prey was the most fun to catch. Many of the demons here did not even know they were full demons and like in nature there were rabbit demons as well as other natural prey that played human even if they did taste like delicious fresh chicken ripped open by the jaws of a powerful canine demon monster. A fresh kill was all they needed and then they would have to at least take two struggling idiots back to feed their mates.


The hunt did not take long. Shippo found a very nice pack of young gazelle demon boys who were causing trouble with a young woman attempting to rape her, steal her money, and then kill her. It was a fair battle and the girl had no idea who saved her when Kouga pulled her out of the grasping hands of the thugs leaving her in front of a police station with her purse clutched in her white fingers her dress ripped to shreds, but alive none the less as she entered the station to report the group of vandals.

Sesshoumaru liked the chase and as the boys tried to shoot him with their little guns he just laughed as he allowed his demon to take over. His face changed and he became the white demon dog as he grasped two of the boys who had no idea they had changed into their true forms by the necks breaking them, throwing the fools up in the air then swallowing them whole. He was done for the night. It was a good meal.

Sango and Miroku only being hanyous had a harder time yet still captured one rather large beast they shared between them as they ripped off the legs, as the creature screamed until Sango bashed its head in with a powerful fist. She was due with another baby and needed this nourishment for the pup.

Kouga came back with a little blood on his lip that Sesshoumaru licked off when he stood next to him smiling feeling rather full. Shippo returned with blood all over his chin since his fox form had a smaller jaw then the wolf and demon dog so like the hanyous he was a mess while dragging two unconscious thugs by their hair dropping them at Sesshoumaru's feet with a wide toothy fanged grin chewing on a small piece of rib bone to clean his teeth.

"Pretty good prey don't ya think?"

Shippo stated smugly.

"Yes and much healthier then the last hunt. This place is abundant with food. I saw those meat plates at the grocery store here we can snack on later. It just is not as good as this fresh stuff."

Kouga stated and Sesshoumaru nodded. Sesshoumaru then grasped one of the thugs throwing him over his shoulder after stealing a rib bone out of Shippo's pocket.

"Don't be so stingy, you always make the best toothpicks out of their ribs. We are going to have to take Sango and Miroku's kill back with us or we will be here all night."

Sesshoumaru stated chewing on the rib after cleaning his teeth.

"That is if we can get it away from Sango."

Stated Kouga with a groan as Shippo almost got clawed for trying to move the body.

"Sango my love we have to go, you can take this meat with you. Whatever Kagome won't consume you know you can also have."

Miroku stated as he wiped off his chin. Miroku then whimpered a bit to his mate who finally acknowledged him. Sango reluctantly let go.

"You know years ago I would have been disgusted by this."

Sango stated firmly to her mate who threw the body of the dead demon over his shoulder as they all headed back to the mansion. They all teleported quickly and entered the house trying not to make too much noise.

The nurse stated the two demons were sleeping and then directed the servants to take the two unconscious boys into the cellar for the two wounded demons to feast upon later. They were both drugged and would not cause any more problems.

Sango took her and Miroku's kill into their room as she dragged the prey on the floor by his arm. Sango was more cat like and it amused the canines to no end since Miroku was not the one in charge of their small family. With cat demons the female was Alpha and ruler. The nurse smirked a bit.

"It is hard to believe cats and dogs living as a pack in peace together. Then to see a wolf hanyou mated to such a lovely strong cat hanyou. I wonder if she knew that her Mother was just as stubborn and as beautiful. A wolf could not resist that one either."

Sesshoumaru, Kouga, Shippo, and Rin looked at the nurse in shock.

"What do you mean by that? Sango's people were demon exterminators."

The nurse looked at the four kids and huffed at Shippo.

"You really don't know much about them. Sango's Father was a wolf demon and her Mother was the Queen of cats. They were both royal demons who were outcast by their own people so they started their own tribe. A cat and dog were not supposed to fall in love or mate. How do you think she and Kohaku became so good at what they do plus their agility is amazing? It is the cat blood as much as the dog that makes them never give up.’
“The two tails that is still with that one knew it so that was why the two females understand each other and why Kirara protects that young girl. Kirara is her guardian. Sango is a Princess of cats and royalty in your packs Kouga. She even has a bit of you in her. It was your eldest brother after all who was her Father. Miroku is also her cousin. I knew that from his smell."

The nurse left the room leaving the group of them pondering this news. So much was still being learned about their pack and it seemed like it was a never ending story of surprise twists that slowly had explained certain things that all of them had once questioned. Now that they were here together many things would be answered once again.

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