Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Romulus waited for Bankotsu and Jakotsu to arrive. He was tired of waiting. It was time to act.

Bankotsu arrived on time with Jakotsu who was still arguing that he thought Bankotsu was being an idiot about marrying a woman especially one who probably hated him and would bring nothing but misfortune.

“I want you both to quit your bickering and go do as I stated. I want Sesshoumaru’s mate here in two days. There is only one time when she is alone and you need to get her at that time. I don’t care how many people you have to kill to do it, just get it done.”

Romulus looked at the two who were still standing there.

“You want us to go into a house filled with demons and get her? It is a little more complicated than that Romulus. We are going to need the power to slip past undetected. So how do you plan on doing this without my being recognized by one of them?”

Bankotsu stated.

“Well Inuyasha can’t see Bankotsu so he shouldn’t be too hard.”

Jakotsu stated dreamily as he thought of his favorite puppy.

“Will you quit doing that?!”

Bankotsu smacked Jakotsu for being such a ninny. Every time the words Inuyasha came out he went into this stupor and got stupid.


Jakotsu stated as Bankotsu rolled his eyes.

“Look I didn’t bring you both back to life to question me. Find out how to get the woman and bring her to me as untouched as possible.”

Romulus stated leaving the two ‘idiots’ behind to figure out how to do this without getting caught. They were supposed to be the best and Romulus would wait to see if this were indeed true.

“I don’t want to touch some vile woman Bankotsu. Why can’t we just kill her?”

Bankotsu tried to remain calm.

“Jakotsu it is part of the job. It is not unusual for us to kidnap then kill. We have our orders.”

The two took off in search of Mirage. There was only one time she was left to herself and that was when she was at the school. They would have to take out the guards first and then deal with the rest.

Looking around the parking lot Bankotsu almost laughed at the fact Mirage was alone with one wolf demon in the parking lot. It wouldn’t take much to snag her now.

“We kill that one and grab her.”

Jakotsu frowned at the woman. Of course she was beautiful, but she was a woman. The wolf demon was cuter.

“Let me have the wolf, I want to play and you take the girl.”

Jakotsu and Bankotsu attacked without warning. The wolf was being held off by Jakotsu’s snake like sword that was cutting him up. Bankotsu grabbed the struggling woman who was fighting him tooth and nail until he pushed the shot needle into her. Romulus was right, the girl became unconscious in seconds as the poison did its work. It wasn’t enough to kill her, but it was enough to keep her from being a problem until he could get her back to Romulus.

Bankotsu took off with Mirage as Jakotsu slowly and methodically cut up the wolf until there was little left of him. He didn’t have time to prolong the death or he would have loved to taken his time with the wolf making the cutie beg for mercy.

“Sorry, will have to save the best for Inuyasha.”

Was the last thing he said to the wolf before beheading him.

Bankotsu rushed to the car and waited for Jakotsu who slipped in the passenger’s seat beside him. The girl was tied up in the back seat.

“Do we really have to ride with her in the car? Can’t you just throw her in the trunk or something?”

Jakotsu stated in disgust.

“I am not sure I want Romulus to have her Jakotsu and besides just because you don’t like females doesn’t mean I don’t. Up close she is perfect. I have never seen such beauty before.”

Jakotsu snorted at Bankotsu’s comment.

“What about your ruining yourself with that other girl? I thought you were going to get married and do that stupid family shit.”

Bankotsu thought about his Beth. She too was perfect, but nothing like this Mirage.

“I never said I would be a loyal husband. Besides wasn’t it you who said who gives a damn what they want when it is all about the me, myself, and I?”

Jakotsu shrugged.

“Ya so what? Use my words against me. I still say you are the weird one.”

Bankotsu smirked.

“To you maybe. Either way we got the job done. I just hate giving her to that fucker.”

Jakotsu frowned.

“You don’t trust our employer?”

Bankotsu huffed.

“I haven’t trusted anyone except for you in years.”

“Sounds like another Naraku to me.”

Jakotsu stated in frustration.

“Well he is the bastard’s son. I mean hell, this jerk Romulus wants to be the next Naraku. He held his own sister captive and was going to kill her as well as his brother if they didn’t go to his side. Talk about turning on your own. I thought Renkotsu was bad, but he makes this jerk look good.”

Jakotsu smirked.

“Speaking of Renkotsu, why did you kill him? I was pretty much ready to die and I knew he would kill me. I was buried under a ton of rocks.”

Bankotsu snarled.

“He betrayed us. Do not defend that slime. I would have given him the world if he wanted it and he turned his back on his friends. Our so called ‘buddy’ Renkotsu got exactly what he deserved and I was much more merciful than he. I killed him quickly where he just wanted me dead so he could lead you all on some stupid charade to gain more power. Did we not have enough as the band of seven? Still I would have helped him become a Lord if that is what he wanted. He didn’t want our help Jakotsu. He was a lost cause and good riddance. Don’t talk about him again.”

Jakotsu nodded and looked back at the woman in disgust.

“You know how I hate them when they are beautiful. Makes me want to rip her face off.”

Bankotsu smirked.

“You never change Jakotsu. Still, leave her face be. I will get what I want from Romulus and then we will attack him. I won’t have another bastard like those Lords come after us again. We will slaughter him and any ties to him. I want this one if for nothing else to get revenge on those damn Inus. They killed all of you and so I will use her to my advantage.”

Jakotsu shrugged.

“Fine, but don’t expect me to like it.”

Bankotsu smiled and drove onward. He never expected Jakotsu to like much of anything he did, but he knew Jakotsu would follow him to hell and back. Bankotsu was glad Jakotsu was alive. It would make killing Romulus much easier.

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