Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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A bright light filled the room where tensaiga lay. An ancient voice came to Sesshoumaru through his sword. The voice of heaven itself came back to him though a sword that could save the lives of mankind.

“Demon you called heaven and now I am here. You wish to undo what cannot be undone. What you ask of us is impossible. You can only move forward, no man can alter time. It would be chaos and become something unfathomable that would destroy the very fabric of time itself not to mention the galaxy as we know it.”

Sesshoumaru felt frustrated. What was the damn point of it all then? If one had ultimate power than why couldn’t he change time?

“I am given the power of heaven for what purpose then? To be rejected when I feel a need to save one life that I feel is worth saving or saving hundreds less worthy than the one?”

The voice spoke as many, not just one.

“You cannot make that judgment since at one time it took one life to save the lives of many and he was more than worthy. You have no right to decide the fates of mankind even if you are part of the chaos that is life itself.’
“This sword is not a tool for you to fling about to save man from his folly or save only the few. Free will is given not meant as a tool for you to control.’
“This sword obeys commands that make logical sense and that are of heaven’s bidding not your own.’
“As if heaven itself would give such great power over to one when you are not even done yet with what was started in this long life you lead. You earn these things Sesshoumaru and you will never have ultimate power to satisfy your lust for it since to ask for such things is to play God with men. Only one has that authority. You have the ability to bring life back from death itself yet you out of all people should know your limits.”

Sesshoumaru sighed. He was inside defeated.

“Your mate will heal herself eventually since such acts of violence always take time to heal and some things will not heal in life. This is the price of being alive.’
“The faith and hope of salvation is what rewards the living soul’s mind from having to suffer after death. This is what is desired by the savior of man and it is how one gets through those hard times in life that seem so impossible to fathom survival after harboring times of such difficulty and suffering that all creatures of earth must overcome.’
“Heaven is here to help as we walk amongst the living showing our compassion for them even for those who are less worthy than others even in our eyes. We are however humble enough to know that we should not ever judge man since this will be done after their life’s work is complete.’
“It is man who must help each other to create the harmony and peace that can exist in a lifetime of one. It takes extreme patience and understanding to help one become free of their own personal sorrows to see the good that still lives outside of their pain.’
“You must do this for your mate, it is all in your hands and in that you have the power you are requesting from heaven Sesshoumaru in your very hands. You cannot expect another to take the responsibility of caring for your family.’
“As difficult as it may seem for now it will get easier with time and with your famous patience as well as your ability to take control of what seems like an uncontrollable situation you will do just fine.’
“We can heal the soul, reanimate life through resurrection of those that heaven has seen to since they have unfinished business upon the earth, and you can only be compelled to do this through our will.’
“Evil does not last long in celestials. Be content in knowing she will be well. Inuyasha is doing well only because of your care of him. Why should we sacrifice power for something you can provide your people and family? You are an intelligent species as is the human race you shun. You need to give them more credit.”

A light glowed around Sesshoumaru as he frowned contemplating these things and accepting them as truth as he always did. His sword did not always say things that pleased him, but he rarely ignored it for long. Usually there was a good reason for Tensaiga’s pulsations.

“Child you are so sullen and sad. Perhaps we can give you one concession. Accept your failures as a learning experience and live with the humility. You do this as all men do and I will give you more than you desire. You already have the world at your fingertips. You really need nothing more, but I will do this for you.’
“Your unborn child will be reborn again. I will give you this, but in return you will pray and be satisfied with your life by learning from this lesson I have given you. You will also become human for one night like your brother. Completely human on the night after your brother has his so that you will become dependent on others for assistance.”

Sesshoumaru swallowed hard and frowned. Wasn’t it bad enough he was shamed by letting these evil things happen to his family in the first place and now he was going to be human too?

“Do not question why, just accept this and put your shame aside as pride since you are being selfish in it rather than helpful as you should be to your family that are suffering more than you are. It will be another learning experience for you to have to depend on others for help. You will find that sometimes you gain more when you lose a little.”

With that the light faded and the sword once again zapped him as it settled upon the wall with Bakusaiga. Sesshoumaru had to sulk a bit. This was ludicrous to give him a damn sword with all this power just to make him do all the work anyway. He had worked hardest in his family and he was being forced to play the prodigal son with his mates.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to heal everything over and give it a quick fix so he could do the fresh start thing with his family? Go back in time, kill the bastard that started this mess and then it wouldn’t have happened at all? Then he wouldn’t have to fix anything.

Scales of course messed up on this adventure that the immortals needed to make their lives not so hum drum. He started this game for them by making this time a real life scenario that would affect them all and it was one that was not fixable. It was a lesson to be learned. Scales always had wanted to push the envelope so technically he did exactly what he planned, he just had not planned on it to backfire biting them all in the ass.

Of course Sesshoumaru understood the easy way was not the best way. It was just going to take longer than he wanted it to. It also wasn’t very fair, but when had life been fair?

“Fine, I will do this on my own and take your damn concession. It isn’t like it should be too difficult to deal with.”

Sesshoumaru felt pretty sure of himself with that, but only Inuyasha would be able to assist him again with this since Inuyasha still suffered his human night every month.

Being blind Inuyasha had more excuses on why to hate being a human than Sesshoumaru did so he wouldn’t complain. He wanted his heir and his unborn child to be reborn after the violent destruction of his legacy as well as his wife. Sesshoumaru was actually more terrified of how to help his wife over his personal issues with being a pathetic weak human once a month.

Going into his bedroom Sesshoumaru looked at his wife and kissed her cheek stating an apology for their earlier fight. He didn’t want to fight with her or anyone else anymore. Besides it wasn’t Kouga’s responsibility to explain things to his wife, it was his job and one he had to take much more seriously.

His wife was so beautiful to him and Sesshoumaru wanted so much to take her pain away. Mirage had endured a pain she kept joking off like it wasn’t that big of a deal. Sesshoumaru knew better though since there was still something haunted behind her eyes and touching her made Mirage a bit jumpy.

“You are up late handsome…..”

Mirage stated softly as she touched his cheek. Sesshoumaru nuzzled her hand.

“Mirage, if I am careful…and gentle……..can we try again?”

Sesshoumaru stated softly with his baritone voice vibrating over Mirage’s skin like a caress. Lips descended as Mirage captured his in a soft warm kiss that slowly deepened as Sesshoumaru moaned into it. His demon had been denied attention and it was difficult keeping it at bay. Mirage was in heat and fertile. However, Sesshoumaru was not a beast and refused to push his beloved female even if his demon wanted more of an animalistic coupling.

Mirage felt safe and instead of remaining completely conscious she let her unconscious self move with this intense feeling letting emotions override any logic that might bring up painful histories that may ruin this moment.

As Sesshoumaru explored his mate with soft kisses, gentle licks, and touches Mirage responded with soft nips to his flesh making him almost purr in response. Sesshoumaru kept most touches feathery light stopping to insure he was not pushing too much too fast insuring his mate was responding in a positive manner.

Sesshoumaru smirked when he saw Mirage’s eyes were filled with passion as they glowed red in the darkness. Letting his demon out just a little he spoke to her in the language that was their own through soft grunts, growls, and mews of actions that kept the passion in motion rather than letting the fire die out with too many words since each sentence was crystal clear in their explorations of one another as if finding each other again.


Sesshoumaru whispered out as he drank from her mystic pool of men’s deviant fantasies to put all thought asunder to replace all fears with feelings so intense that no words could describe the glory of the moment as it continued creating a new memory to explore later.


Mirage whispered out as he took her to new heights of blissful release only to prolong the moment until it was a finality of fireworks that skyrocketed in the eyes of the two lovers.

“I love you……”

Was whispered by both as they completed one ritual to begin it anew as the pain of the past few days had never occurred. Both knew that was a farce and that the past would rear up its ugly head, but for now they had an illusion of eternal peace in one another’s embrace.

Sesshoumaru lavished his wife with declarations’ of love as he adorned her body with his golden promises of forever and his assurance that he would always take care of her never leaving Mirage to believe she would have to have concern in her protector. Sesshoumaru would give his life for her and in their dance of bodies melding as one the promise was sealed in a way that none could sever.

Of course it was after all of this that Sesshoumaru explained about his human night and found that instead of fear there was a new hope in Mirage’s eyes. She had someone to protect and for once she would have to be the strong one. The amazing part of this was that instead of being thrilled Sesshoumaru was completely devastated since it just sunk in that he would be protected by a very pregnant woman since he knew for certain she would be with pup. Being a man some days just wasn’t fair.

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