Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Mirage woke up in Sesshoumaru's arms driving around town and wondered why she still felt so cold. He was warm and it was summer. Shivering she cuddled closer to Sesshoumaru practically clawing at him for warmth.

“What the hell is wrong with me Sesshoumaru? If you were going to kill me I had hoped you would be a gentleman, not poisoning me to death."

Mirage moaned out not thinking of the fact he might be hurt by this accusation since she was in so much pain. Her eyes wide and she felt rather ill. Her body was hungry for something, but she did know what and at the same time she felt like she was going to throw up. It was to be expected and Sesshoumaru smirked a bit.

"Mirage I did not poison you. You are pregnant with my son and your body is adjusting to the new changes in your blood. Your inner demon is waking up."

Mirage's face went white as she pushed away from the demon. It was impossible. Her tubes had been tied, she could not be pregnant. Sesshoumaru waited patiently for his mate to calm down as she was panting heavily. They would have to find some fresh meat for her to hunt or she would go feral on him.

"We will hunt soon my love and then you will feel better. The first time is always painful, but after this it will get better."

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru and then at her reflection in the window. Her eyes had gone from blue to blood red even filling in the white that was once there. She could feel her fangs elongate and her jaw stretch painfully.

The change fucking hurt like hell as she screamed as her body adjusted with bones crunching, muscles stretching then shrinking, hair growing all over as it pushed out of her skin, and then finally it was over. Sesshoumaru quickly removed his clothing knowing he would have to change shape in order to keep up with his female and make sure she was on the hunt for the right prey. Neither one of them would wish to kill innocents since that mistake had been made more times then he would like.

Sesshoumaru watched in shock the quick change in his mate as she whimpered trying to get out of the limousine tearing at the carpet of the limo as well as the metal. That was going to cost him and it had just been reupholstered.

Sesshoumaru sighed as he once again forced the driver to stop in an area he would not have preferred to stop in since there were so many people. Still he could not have his mate destroy the limo. As he rushed out the car teleporting his mate to an area he knew was always full of fresh meat and evil creatures he set his mate down. She was absolutely beautiful. Mirage was a white wolf with crimson eyes and hungry for blood.

"Mirage you had to do this at the most inconvenient time. It is fine though my beloved we shall hunt and then we will talk about this I am sure since you will probably accuse me of hiding things. You are going to freak out just as others have done with this change.’
“Rin is not one of us demons, but you are. You are enough demon blood to need this hunt. I am pleased. Still in my true form I am going to have to dwindle down my full size a bit. If I was in my full form we would definitely be noticed by those who I do not wish to bother us."

Mirage looked confused cocking her head. The pain was gone and she felt something good. Like a will to run and to hunt as she shook sending shedding hair everywhere. This predator urge came on so quickly it wasn't like she could even think about it. All she could do was smell the pumping of blood and each movement around her that made her want to kill whatever got in her way even if she did not feast upon it.

"Mirage are you aware of me?"

Sesshoumaru asked as he was in his floppy eared demon dog form. It was beautiful in Mirage's eyes. His ears were not really that floppy, they had a slight bend to them and he almost looked wolfish with the long flowing silver white fur.

"I am here, I just smell things. It smells good. I can hear such loud noises though. My ears really hurt. The colors have changed and everything seems to be surrounding me. I feel almost angry at things that move around me for no good reason. I just killed this fricking butterfly and it did nothing to me. I kind of feel bad for it, but it should not have gotten in my face."

Sesshoumaru laughed. That was funny as hell as Mirage sniffed at the butterfly then sat placing a paw on it only to get it stuck to her foot as she clawed the ground finally getting the thing off. It was amusing to see Mirage in this form.

"Well you are going to kill some things. You cannot see them as humans my dear although they look like them. They are not. These evil creatures some of them are human, others are prey. This is my hunting grounds. The thugs, rapists, and murderers in this area would kill innocents. They are still in demon form nothing except a bunch of rats who look human.’
“Rat demons are the worst of any kind of demon. It isn't much of a meal, but better than nothing. In America we actually had a bunch of gazelle so I am stuffed. I ate very well, but you will feast tonight. Do not feel sorry for them. Do not feel anything except what your demon does or you will feel regret. Guilt is not in surviving my love. You must feed and so in doing so you are riding our cities of these vermin. We are the cleanup crew."

Sesshoumaru smirked wickedly as he led his mate into the alleys. There were so many vagabonds everywhere and some very sickly.

"We can do better than this. Still go ahead and kill a few if you need to. No one will miss these ones. They are the ones I refused to let back into society.’
“These fiends are rapists and murders every last one of them. All this filth surrounding us is not worth even sinking our teeth into. Still beggars can't be choosers and I refuse to kill innocent beings. Do what your instincts tell you."

Mirage felt her body respond. A lowly creature went to attack her and she ripped him apart leaving him for dead. No one else bothered her.

"How did that feel?"

Mirage looked at Sesshoumaru like he was insane then nipped him for good measure. What an insane thing to ask. ‘How do you feel?’……..Duh…….

"I just killed a guy I did not know and you ask that? I am not completely heartless, but I do understand this concept. I will get over it eventually I mean it is my first kill. Not a very exciting one either.'
"The mouse I killed at home with a hammer twitched a lot more and at least made me feel worse than that creep. I just couldn't let my cat leave its poor legs broken to play with it or leave it for a few hours to kill it later. That is mean. Then after braining the thing she kept stealing it out of the trash can. You would have liked my cat. She was more of a dog then a cat. She played fetch, did stupid pet tricks, chased other cats, and guarded the door. She was the best."

Sesshoumaru chuckled. He might have liked a cat like that.

"My late husband loved her and we all missed her very much when we moved. Still I have no regrets. Life goes on and what is that smell? Something smells really really good........"

There were four criminals holding a man down frying his face on a grate. Mirage flipped her head back in shock and looked at Sesshoumaru.

"Barbequed meat? What the hell. That guy is innocent. That pisses me off. I hear something.......a child."

Mirage growled low and something broke in her as she bounded forward before Sesshoumaru could stop her knocking over the barrel startling the tormentors snarling wildly at them as she knashed her teeth tighter in anger. Then she attacked not caring about Sesshoumaru's shock as he watched her tear out the throats of each man and he only attacked when two of them came at his mate with knives since he had not seen them in the shadows until they were almost upon Mirage. Sesshoumaru growled and attacked the men trying to get them far from his mate. The bastards had their target and even as he bit into the man's leg the blade in his hand flashed in the darkness as Mirage was stabbed in the shoulder. She cried out and at that Sesshoumaru lost all his control. All that was left was a bloody mess with the injured man still cowering in the corner.

Still in hunting mode, Mirage finished eating the rat demon then shook off the blood that still caked her white fur. Sesshoumaru growled at her and used his teeth to pull out the knife in her shoulder that she did not seem to notice in her hunger.

"What the fuck were you thinking woman! That bastard could have killed you!"

Sesshoumaru roared, but Mirage whimpered at him with sad eyes as her shoulder did hurt like hell now that she came to realize herself again. Sesshoumaru whimpered at her licking her shoulder trying to close the wound as she licked him and sniffed his body hoping he was not injured. Mirage unable to handle the soft whimpering of the small child crying limped over to where the sound was coming from. It sounded like a sad puppy and Mirage felt her heart ache at the thought someone would hurt such a tiny innocent.

"There is a little one back here Sesshoumaru. This man cowering is her Father. They smell of the same blood. I could not just sit there and let them do that in front of a child no matter what that man might have done."

Mirage whispered. Mirage whimpered a bit at the child and nuzzled the girl. Sesshoumaru again was in shock.

"You can control your rage after a kill? Most of us are unable to return so soon only able to accept each other since anything else around us is prey. I thought I was the only one in demon dog form that could tell the difference and control this power. Well I guess I am not so that is good. Let’s get these two to a police station."

Mirage nodded as she gently pulled the child by her shirt without nipping her urging the dirty frightened little thing out from behind the garbage cans. She was so pretty. Mirage licked her face and hands wagging her tail yipping softly cocking her head to the side in a friendly manner so the child would not fear her as the little girl hugged Mirage's soft white furry head.

"Thank you doggie."

Sesshoumaru went over to the man and put his nose under his hand following Mirage's lead to show the human he did not intend him any harm. The man slowly started petting Sesshoumaru and rubbed his ears.

"This is not so bad Mirage. I could get used to this. We have got to get them out of here since this place is not safe at all for them."

Mirage smirked as she was also enjoying being pet by the little girl. Then Mirage nudged the child over to her Father. The followed them out growling at anyone who tried to come near the two until they reached the police station. Then they both disappeared running into the night after Mirage licked the child's cheek one last time. They could not save the world, but Mirage figured it couldn't hurt to save a few good people if they had the opportunity to do so.

Once they entered the limo Sesshoumaru watched Mirage change back. She was covered in blood, in her own trying to ignore the pain to keep up with Sesshoumaru. Swearing at the foolishness of getting injured he ripped the shirt she had been wearing that was already torn up during her change. Wrapping her left shoulder he knew he had to take her to their room without drawing too much attention. Damn it they were never going to get to this meeting on time. Dialing a number on his cell phone he called his brother.

"Inuyasha I need a blanket and Kagome's medical kit. You do have it here right?"

Inuyasha sounded very worried over the phone as Sesshoumaru explained the events of the night and Mirage's arm was going to be pretty useless for a day or two. The knife had cut in deep and even with his blood that he kept pouring onto the wound on top of licking it to close it damn thing would not close.

"Mirage I swear you are going to be the death of me."

Sesshoumaru stated growling as he hung up the phone.

"Oh please don't tell me it was not worth it. That little girl's face was so worth any small pain I am suffering."

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes and pulled Mirage into his arms. Did this woman have any clue how bad that could have turned out?

"You don't understand I cannot lose you. Your death would mean the death of me and my mates. Your life is important. You have our child growing inside of you and I will not lose our son. I will not lose you when I love you so damn much. You amaze me, but you are foolish with your life like my other mates. You have to be even more careful. Just tell me what is going on and I will help you. I would have in this case, but you just acted. You are impulsive. Now I have to get you to a doctor. We are not going to the emergency room since that would take all night and they would have a billion questions for us."

Mirage felt a bit light headed, but was still smiling.

"How can I be pregnant silly man, I was fixed. Like spayed."

Sesshoumaru started laughing. That was funny as hell.

"When we exchanged blood your body healed completely and your body changed to accept my seed to bear my heirs. Your son will always be my priority as the eldest and the fact is since I will be adopting him he should rule. That is up to him, if he chooses not to then I have to produce a son to take his place. I want a big family Mirage. So you will be having my pups, but unlike my little brother I will not pup you every other pregnancy or every damn year. You will have a break and so will I. Mirage are you listening?"

Mirage was passed out cold and Sesshoumaru shook his head at the situation. It figured he would be talking to himself at this point.

"I will have to explain it all later."

Sesshoumaru mumbled in frustration stroking his mate's hair lovingly hating the fact he had to repeat himself to someone other than Inuyasha and Kouga. It was indeed like being mated to children.


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