Golden Eyes

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Inuyasha awoke with his eyes burning a bit, but at least he could see his brother’s aura again. It was comforting in that.

“You are awake. You still look like you have some poison in your eyes Inuyasha so I refuse to have you leave this bedroom until tensaiga has had time to heal them properly.”

Sesshoumaru stated caressing his mate’s face. Inuyasha was so dear to him and not even Mirage could take his place. They had been together for so many years and apart for short times that felt like millenniums.

“Sesshoumaru, I am fine I assure you, but if you are stating you just want to ravish my fine ass then why didn’t you just say so?”

Inuyasha stated as he leaned up to kiss his beloved as their tongues battled instead of their swords unlike the past. Sesshoumaru pushed forward as he slowly made love to his mate watching every breath and every moan owning it all for himself.

“Inuyasha you are beautiful.”

Sesshoumaru stated as he released watching his mate climax as well. Inuyasha chuckled a bit.

“Except I get to live with the mess, you are always getting off easy and I do not mean that in a bad way lover.”

Pulling out of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru picked up his beloved mate and carried him into the baths where they could relax in the warm hot springs. The natural springs would be good for humidification since the poison also affected Inuyasha’s breathing since he did sound a bit raspy this morning.

“Are you going to wash me too Sess? Well I guess I am in for the whole nine yards and all this special treatment is for?”

Sesshoumaru smirked.

“Because I wanted to do this since it has been years since we have been able to although we do sneak away on occasion which I am glad of. Even with our females we cannot just forget our own needs. It is strange though how tolerant they are. They agreed we can be together, but no other women, yet they do not want to share with each other. It is so rare for our kind to do such things. We usually stay in the same room, sleep in the same bed, and make love to one another with no qualms. It must be that independent streak that is so typical of these modern women. I swear I am not ever going to give up all of our traditions and culture for this modern time even if we do enjoy it Inuyasha. I will however give our females that one concession.”

Inuyasha felt Sesshoumaru’s claws gently scrubbing his back as he moved his hair to the side. It felt so nice to be pampered since Kagome rarely did anything like this. It was rather romantic.

“You are finally relaxing Inuyasha. How come you are always so damn tense?”

Sesshoumaru stated as he then rinsed him off and started massaging his hair and scalp. It was like being in heaven for Inuyasha who was starting to fall asleep in his beloved’s arms.

“Huh? Oh, well work has been a drag and Kagome is well………you know……..pregnant again like always. I love it and hate sharing her with Kouga all the damn time. I feel like I am the third wheel some days. If it were not for these times with you I would go nuts. I know Kouga does when he isn’t with you too. I rarely indulge in him anymore. He is such a player and I have no time to cater to his crazy whims now that I have our family to care for. He helps, but it is mainly left on me since I am the Alpha at our house.”

Inuyasha stated as Sesshoumaru rinsed off his hair than started washing himself too. He just wanted to sit back and relax with his mate forgetting the world.

“Why do you think Naraku left these little remnants of himself behind? You really don’t think he is still alive do you Inuyasha? I swear I killed that bastard a billion times and you had done it again later on which seemed rather redundant to me. How many fucking times do we have to kill him?”

Sesshoumaru stated in frustration as he ran his hand across his face. He was sick and tired of killing the same foe over and over again.

“I don’t know what he is, but I think it is just parts of his demons left over. You know he had millions if not billions running through that crazy body of his. He wasn’t just a spider demon; he was so many other things no one could keep up with it all. Perhaps they escaped and are coming after us for revenge?”

Inuyasha stated and that made perfect sense. It would mean that they would have minor demons running about, but they would still have to be cautious. Things were getting too lax and all Sesshoumaru needed was to lose all he loved again like he did when they thought that they lost Father. That was ridiculous of course, but Mirage was still a new demon. Inuyasha was still part half demon and the other demons of the family were not as strong as the Inu clan. Their pure blood didn’t mean though that they were indestructible.

“I agree, but how to find them before it is too late. I do not want another incident like what happened on that plane to happen to anyone. Mirage’s family is just a bunch of humans and my concern is that she may lose them all due to something we could not control that is our fault since we brought about their allies demise. We cannot take any chances.”

Sesshoumaru tried to relax, but it was very hard to do so. Inuyasha had been damaged twice. He almost lost other members of his family he loved and that would not do. Sesshoumaru almost lost Mirage to a damn assassin’s dagger. Who the hell was after them and what did they want? If it was just remnants of Naraku lingering about, why couldn’t they smell it or sense these things when they happened? It was very odd.

“Why can’t we sense them Inuyasha? Hell I know my nose isn’t broken and yours works just fine. We should be able to sense something though and even Father is having difficulty. I don’t think this is Naraku. I think it is something similar to him, but perhaps it is a full entity. Something that isn’t as weak as we thought and knows our weakness. It is going directly after our family not after humans. It uses other demons and manipulates them.”

Inuyasha sat up and looked at Sesshoumaru in frustration.

“I don’t know what to say to that Sesshoumaru. You and Father are the strongest of us all. For you not to be able to sense this frightens me. I know that those glasses didn’t have any miasma in them when I wore them the other day. I don’ t know how the hell it got in there, but I want to find out.”

Sesshoumaru pulled Inuyasha into his arms.

“No matter what I will protect you Inuyasha although I know you are stronger than me in some things. I want to do that so let me. I can’t afford to have your life taken and I would die if anything happened to you. I would even have died after you if it was not the blood that does this to mates since I couldn’t live without you.’
“I know you want to get another pair of virtual glasses, but I think we need to do things the old way. I cannot bear to put chips behind those beautiful eyes of yours only to have you be destroyed by something or someone. You mean too much to me for that to happen.”

Inuyasha nodded and agreed. It was time to pull out the old trusty cane that was also his sword that he used as a walking stick. He could still sense light and auras around him which helped him get around immensely, but he would have to count on someone to help guide him for a time. It was amusing, but it was indeed time to get a seeing eye dog.

“I need a companion to help me get around Sesshoumaru so I want you to consider a seeing eye dog for me. I have seen how they work and they do wonders. I know that sounds weird, getting a dog to help, coming from me, but it will help and then I can still have my independence without feeling like a burden although I know all of you have told me a thousand times I am not. I need this Sesshoumaru.”

Sesshoumaru smiled and knew a place where they could pick a beautiful dog that was well trained in such things.

“You know Inuyasha I could just change forms and Mirage would do so too to walk you around until we get one. It would be a good habit for you to learn before we choose one right away.”

Inuyasha laughed at that.

“Yeah, that is all I need. A big white fluffy pervert seeing eye dog that likes to lick my crotch and stick his nose right there. I am all for it as long as you don’t hump my leg.”

Sesshoumaru smirked and moved over to pull Inuyasha onto his lap.

“So you will let me do this and then I will let you be my lap dog? If you are a good boy I will let Mirage sit on your lap for a while. Is it a fair trade my love?”

Inuyasha wiggled his eyebrows.

“Only if she does so naked and bounces a lot.”

Sesshoumaru coughed out a laugh not expecting to hear that. It was funny.

“Sure, I can do that Inuyasha as long as you do the same on me.”

With that the two lovers made their way into the hot tub as only panting could be heard in the room. Inuyasha was flying and Sesshoumaru was driving into him until he was spent once again. It was the most amazing sex for both men.

“Are you going to live Inuyasha or did I break you?”

Sesshoumaru stated trying to catch his breath.

“I think you broke me Sess, but you can break me in any day of the week and I won’t complain.”

Inuyasha stated with half lidded eyes as he made another damn mess in the hot tub not giving a rat’s ass. It was worth it.

“Sesshoumaru, just promise me that I can be with you no matter what happens and I will do anything you want for the rest of your life including letting you hump my leg.”

Sesshoumaru laughed at that and nuzzled his mate. Inuyasha was funny as hell.

“God I love you Inuyasha. You are the light in my darkness. I could not have a sense of humor without you.”

Inuyasha was then lifted and dried off as he was carried into the bedroom. Once again his training would begin on how to do things without his glasses since he had them for almost fifty years.

Times had moved on so fast, but the technology that the two brothers had been working on still had not caught up to the age they were living in since they were always way ahead of their time. Even the chips were still in the testing phase. Nothing had been let out to the public until it was certain that they were safe and now many of the virtual glasses would have to be recalled until further notice from the very few that had them.

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