Golden Eyes

BY : Vyperbites/Margie Eileen Jones
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Kouga and Inuyasha arrived at Tokyo waiting for what seemed like forever for the plane to land. When it finally did, both knew there had been plenty of time for Sesshoumaru to do as he pleased with Mirage. There was no escape for her and Sesshoumaru always got what he wanted.

“So when do you think they will actually exit the plane?”

Inuyasha popped peanuts into his mouth.

“Whenever…….I don’t know Kouga. You are so weird stressing over stuff you can’t do shit about. Get over it already. Believe me, it ain’t like you won’t ever get time with her. Why do you have to be such a bitch? Why can’t you just take it like a man and deal with the fact Sesshoumaru actually might be happy for a change? Can’t you be happy for him?”

Kouga sighed and Inuyasha put an arm around him.

“Look Kouga, I know you had your heart set and heartbreak sucks. Still, you are the one who said no to her when she practically threw herself at you when she was leaving her first mate. You had a chance. You blew it. Still, no use moping over it ok?”

Inuyasha kissed Kouga’s cheek and Kouga turned kissing Inuyasha on the lips. He had to forget for a while and making out with his mate helped as the two men explored each other’s mouths.


In the plane Sesshoumaru fell back on the bed as he and his female had made love again although he hadn’t pulled out of her yet.

"I can't believe you want more sex woman. I have no one who can keep up with me and so far you are the only one of my mates who can take me. I was going to give you a break, but maybe I should just stop thinking so damn much you out of control beautiful bitch. I know you are not going to think I mean this, but I love you woman."

Sesshoumaru stated with a wide grin as he had just finished taking his woman from behind and now she was on top of him looking down into his golden eyes with her new demonic blue eyes that were even more intense if that were possible.

“I love you too.”

Mirage stated softly as she slid down on him arching her back as she took every inch of his huge cock into her tiny body. Mirage was even more beautiful than before and her golden hair was as long as his silver hair now that he had mated her. He had felt pretty damn good when she allowed him to pull it as they got rougher with the sex. Sesshoumaru loved rough sex and found that he was also not tired yet.

The bed on the plane was a shredded mess as their claws had tore up the mattress, sheets, and blankets. Sesshoumaru did not even realize they had landed two hours ago. The pilots and everyone knew better then to disturb the two demons.

Kouga and Inuyasha had shown up hours ago with Inuyasha teleporting back after receiving a phone call that Kagome was heading home. He was needed and loved the fact that Kagome forgave him, but had not forgiven Kouga yet. That was the highlight of his day since he had spent hours listening to wolf boy’s whimpering.

Miroku and Sango showed up at the airport waiting for the two to come meet them only to have a sobbing Mia rush into Kouga's arms.

"He is mated to a female! My beautiful Sesshoumaru picked that pretty blonde Lady over me and look what she did to my uniform!"

Sango started laughing as did Miroku. Kouga rolled his eyes pulling Mia off of him. He was pissed off, but there was nothing to do about it. Sesshoumaru told him this was going to happen and once he claimed Mirage it was over with. There was no going back and fixing anything. Sesshoumaru always got what he wanted and as much as Kouga hurt over it he also knew he still had a chance to share Mirage with Sesshoumaru if he did not fuck up too much.

"Mia, Mirage would not do anything to hurt you on purpose unless you tried to do some shit to her first. Then she would just protect herself and I am sure that will wash out of your uniform."

Mia growled angrily.

"No it won't. It is permanent blue dye. It was supposed to........"

Kouga growled in fury grasping the dark haired demon girl by her throat with murder in his eyes. Sango and Miroku were also not happy as Bobby walked into the private waiting room looking up in shock at Charlie who was holding some trembling girl growling at her. His face changed and his hair was suddenly dark. It grew longer and his eyes glowed red. Even in the green silk shirt with the black tie, black dress slacks, and black blazer Bobby knew who this was imagining the fur kilt with the armor he had once worn years ago. With the long black hair up in the pony tail he looked a lot like that cartoon wolf guy Kouga. Then Sango spoke up.

"Kouga don't kill her. It is obvious that Mirage took care of herself."

Kouga dropped the girl onto the floor as Bobby gaped at Kouga.

"You had better hope Mia that you did not get one drop of that on her or I will dip you in it to take you to your grave after I rip you apart for even thinking about doing anything so cruel to that woman."

Sango could not calm Kouga down as he still stood growling at the girl who was slowly backing towards the wall.

"Do not move Mia!"

Miroku warned as he growled too. He was feeling rather murderous as he looked at the boy who was looking at Kouga and then at the girl who tried to do something bad to his Mom. Something whether it be the power in the room or the protective urge to defend his Mother caused Bobby to snap.

Bobby looked at the girl and his aura grew. Razor sharp fangs were now growing in his mouth as he bared his teeth. His ears became pointed showing the demon he was, his green eyes went jet black in his fury, the golden hair grew flowing around him, and dagger like claws grew onto his fingers. Bobby's eyes were rimmed with red and out of his back thrust a pair of large black wings resembling that of a crow. The power radiating off of him caused the full demon wolf Prince to back away slowly as Sango and Miroku followed suit unsure of what the boy was going to do.

"What did you do to my Mother?"

Bobby roared at that trembling girl.

"Nothing, nothing I swear it. I was going to put blue dye on her face so Sesshoumaru would not want her, but I didn't."

Mia whimpered. Bobby walked over to the girl. Levitating her off the floor with his powers not having to lay a finger on her he looked at the trembling fool.

"You have no idea who you have messed with. My Father would have just killed you for even thinking about humiliating my Mother. I am going to do much worse. I know what it is like to be humiliated, to be teased, and to be treated like you wanted to treat my Mother because you are selfish. You could not have what you wanted so you wanted to take it by force and hurt people. Good people like my Mother. What did she ever do to you? What did she do to deserve this? If Sesshoumaru wanted to be with you he would not be with her so he obviously did not want you!"

Flipping the girl upside-down with a flick of his wrist she hung sobbing in mid air as though on some invisible string that Bobby had control of. A bottle of blue dye fell out of her pocket and Bobby caught it.

"I could take this and paint your face with shamed, stupid, and a number of words you deserve to have written permanently on you for what you almost did. Instead you will drink this. You tried to make her drink it didn't you? So you will drink that and then you will remember."

Forcing the girl to open her mouth flipping her over Mia watched in horror as she hung helpless in the air as the bottle opened and started pouring into her open mouth as tears poured down her face. Sango and Miroku were not sure if they should feel bad or laugh. Kouga was on the floor laughing. Mia so deserved this shit. After the bottle was empty Bobby clapped his hands and Mia fell to the floor.

"I would not suggest throwing up or you will have more of a problem then you do now."

Bobby stated calmly. Then he looked at Kouga and kicked his side.

"You lied to us Charlie. You are Kouga not Charlie. Why did you lie and hide yourself?"

Kouga sat up and looked Bobby in the eyes now that the kid's eyes went back to green with the spattering of gold representing the wolves he was related to. Kouga sighed as he ran his hand over the back of his neck.

"Bobby your Mom was still mated to your Dad and you needed them. I did want you both, but I thought I would do what was best ok? I know I am a big jerk, but I do love both of you. Especially your Mom who was my best friend even if I never told her that. You have a new Father now so I don't know........."

Bobby waved his hand looking a lot like Sesshoumaru right then. It was strange.

"Look, don't explain anymore since I already know I got a new Dad now. Sango and Miroku explained everything to me. My Mom loved Sesshoumaru forever. I know this, my Dad knew it. You have not had a chance in hell. You rejected her when Dad left Mom. Then I accepted that you were ok and you were right. Mom needed to be with Dad and I respected you for that.’
“Still you hurt her feelings rather than at least attempting to be a real friend. It is ok though, you made her happy when you were her friend. That was important and I don't hate you. Mom really loved you and I know she still does. Thing is she was meant to be with Sesshoumaru I just did not think he would be real or you.’
“I did not expect you to be Kouga and then you just grab my Mom kissing her without even asking first from what I heard from Miroku's phone call that he received from you before you sent your son Lee to stop your 'boss' from stealing her. I thought Miroku was the pervert not you."

Sango started laughing, Miroku looked insulted, and Kouga couldn't help laughing.

"Thanks a lot kid."

Kouga stated getting up watching Mia rush out of the room while she still could. Bobby and everyone ignored her.

"Well it isn't just Miroku who is a pervert. Most guys are. It is born into us since guys always think with two heads normally listening to the one between our legs.’
“I can't say we have an angel male in our pack except you and you are a dark angel so that doesn't count. You are like your Father. So you are more demon then dark angel. You are the last of your kind so we have to teach you to be a great pervert so you can repopulate your kind."

Bobby rolled his eyes.

"Um I am a teenager and not a baby. I know all about that stuff and I don't need you to tell me anything. My Grandma is a Registered Nurse, my Mom was taking nursing courses before you people kidnapped us, and no one in my family keeps secrets like that from me. I even know about gay stuff so spare me the details. The only thing I would not mind seeing is that pretty Lady Sango over there bending over."

Bobby stated with a blush as Kouga was trying not to fall over laughing again and Miroku was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes while Sango stood looking shocked.

"That is not funny."

Sango stated crossing her arms over her chest. Bobby smiled shrugging an apology.

"You are beautiful Lady Sango, I can't help it. I am a guy. Guys like women's......."

Sango roared this time.

"Enough young man!"

Miroku was feeling light headed he was laughing so hard as was Kouga who pat Bobby on the back.

"It is ok Bobby we can talk about this later when all us guys get together. I mean I know one of our favorite subjects is Sango's beautiful assets."

Sango turned beet red and stormed out of the room with Miroku chasing after her to try to get her to calm down. She was very sensitive about such things thinking she was fat like other foolish women. The guys loved her perfect round ass and kept trying to tell her to stop worrying so much. Still it was a sensitive subject.

The door finally opened and Sesshoumaru walked in with Mirage. Their hair was completely wet as though they had just taken a shower and they were dressed in fur lined white silk kimono robes with white slippers. Mirage looked amazing and Kouga had to remember to close his mouth before something flew into it like Inuyasha kept warning him would happen if he kept doing that shit.

"Mirage. Sesshoumaru......."

Mirage looked at Kouga who looked heartbroken. Mirage then recognized her old friend Charlie in the voice and facial features that he had disguised so well.

"Kouga where are the others?"

Sesshoumaru demanded ignoring his pitiful look. There was no reason for it. Walking over to Kouga he pulled his face up with a clawed finger and then kissed him deeply getting a ewe gross from Bobby. Sesshoumaru smirked.

"You had better get used to that young man. I will be kissing your Mother, Kouga, and Inuyasha often. Do two males kissing that are in love with each other bother you?"

Bobby rolled his eyes at Sesshoumaru. He was being such a melodramatic drama King.

"No. I am just a kid and PDA even with my Mom is gross to me. Are you trying to scar me for life? I mean geeze get a room."

Bobby stated as he looked at his Mom who did not have any blue on her face thank goodness. Then he stared up at his Mom who was messing with his wings then ruffled his long hair. Bobby fought it.

"Mom you are messing my hair up. I won't look good for Lady Sango if you do that. I have to apologize. Now open your mouth."

Mirage laughed and stuck out her tongue at her son who was being so demanding.

"Want me to be a lizard with Sesshoumaru and really gross you out? Maybe even Kouga if he behaves himself and does not hide shit anymore."

Mirage asked playfully sticking out her tongue a few times like a lizard would as Bobby wrinkled his nose.

"Don’t do that around me Mom, gross. I love you; I just didn't even want to see you kiss Dad like that in front of me. I mean I am your kid so you have to think of how embarrassing it is for me ya know. My friends think you’re hot and I keep telling them to shut up. You are my Mom I don't want to think things like that. Are you trying to scar me for life? That is so wrong."

Mirage smiled as Sesshoumaru and Kouga were laughing. It was time to go.


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